You can watch The Good Wife online via TV Fanatic. We have all the latest from the Season 6 Premiere right here. Who was arrested? Find out now when you watch The Good Wife online.

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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 is online via TV Fanatic. You can watch The Good Wife online right now. Cary is arrested in a surprising story realating to Lemond Bishop and men who are colluding with the police so the State's Attorney's office can get the drug kingpin. They plan on doing that by flushing him out via the arrest of Cary Agos. Kalinda immediately jumps on board to help Cary Agos and even though she's initially concerned what it might mean to her clients who she is hoping to take to Florrick/Agos, Diane also decides to represent the man who will be her new partner. There are no bail bondsmen in Illinois so there is quite a long arc about this as everyone does what they can to free Cary. The associates don't want to give up their money even for a partner, but Robyn offers up everything she has in the world. Twenty five thousand dollars in cash. Alicia attempts to put her condo on the line but that's not necessary in the long run because Lemond Bishop calls in favors to free Cary with cash. However, the court is unhappy that it's cash and refuses to let him go.

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Will Alicia run for State Attorney? That's the big question as Season 6 opens.

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The Good Wife
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