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Lucca and Alicia have their first day at Lockhart, Agos, & Lee. 

Howell the firm’s tech guy found a FOIL, Chum Hum’s new prototype tablet at a convention. A website is offering Howell $100,000 to get their hands on it. Alicia and Lucca want to help Howell but Diane and Cary are nervous about going against Chum Humm. Before they can decide, the FBI shows up and arrests Howell. Mr. Gross the head of Chum Humm wants to know who he got the tablet from. Howell refuses to say that his girlfriend found it. He faces three years in prison. 

Turns out Chum Humm has huge influence with TAPS, the FBI’s Technology Ally Protection Services, aka, The iPolice. The TAPS team shows up with a warrant to search the entire firm for the FOIL but they don’t find it because Lucca has it. Diane calls Alicia in for a tense meeting where she reminds Alicia that she isn’t a partner and that Lucca isn’t her associate but the firm’s associate. Later Alicia says that Howell is a citizen journalist because he has over 400,000 followers on Twitter. His tweets added to the public discourse on the subject. The judge agrees and Howell is set free. 

Marisa is working at a juice bar when a young man asks her to lunch. When he begins asking more questions about Eli than about her she gets suspicious. She takes a selfie with him and records part of their conversation. Eli recognizes him as FBI agent Roland Lavin. Then the FBI subpoenas Ruth Eastman and she accuses Eli of getting his revenge. He assures her that she’s wrong and they both agree that the FBI is investigating Peter but they don’t know what they have on him. 

Ruth visits Alicia at work. She warns Alicia that Peter has a major target on his back and that he can take her down too. She encourages Alicia to “cash out” while she still can. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Alicia: How do you keep your beard that length. I mean at a certain point you're either clean shaven or you're Abraham Lincoln.
Jason: No, it stays like this, since birth.

Eli: So the 27th floor again. Everything comes full circle.
Alicia: Yes first the tragedy, then the farce.