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Alicia must divest herself financially from the firm and they are trying to make her a low ball offer. Finn helps her negotiate.

The firm is suing WharfMaster, an online site that pirated a film and downloaded it 4.2 million of it’s users before the movie was officially released. Wharfmaster’s founder complains online and incites a hacker who hacks into the firm’s email and releases them online. Everyone at the firm is infuriated to find out what their colleagues think of them.

The hacker threatens to release two years worth of email. Alicia realizes there is vital information about her personal life (Peter, Will, Elfman) that will be made public if that happens. The firm ends up settling the lawsuit, effectively letting the bad guys win but feeling they have no choice. Alicia theorizes that the nasty things that coworkers said about one another and clients in those emails was just people blowing off steam. Cary thinks that’s what people really feel. 

Alicia faces pressure from Guy Redmayne and Lemond Bishop to do their bidding. She immediately turns them down and they are furious. Eli makes her see that it’s better to placate them in the short term and make them feel as though they’re being heard. 

Alicia asks Finn Pohlmar to be her Chief Deputy. He says he has to think about it. 

The firm comes back to Alicia with an even lower offer, saying they now have to buy all new technology equipment after the hack. Alicia makes a not so veiled threat about remember their tactics when she has to deal with their criminal cases as State’s Attorney. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

I gave enough to the Negro College Fund to give the whole friggin' Congo a scholarship.

Guy Redmayne

Did you knock over a cheese and wine store?