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Zach realizes that someone is spying on Alicia through her computer camera.

Lockhart/Gardner is being sued and Alicia is called as a witness.

An ASA uses a bogus DUI charge to get a DNA swab to charge a young man with a murder after a familial match was found after his father's DNA was tested in conjunction with another charge.

Alicia won't testify on behalf of Lockhart/Gardner unless they return the $150,000 capital contribution she made when she became a partner.

Florrick/Agos calls in Clarke Hayden to help them understand their financial situation.

Kalinda has one chat with the accused, Jeffrey, and says he did it.

Will runs into Owen on campus and asks him about the case. They talk about Alicia.

David Lee calls Alicia to tell her she is personally responsible for the entire $6 million Lockhart/Gardner is being sued for since she was technically the Partner of record on the case.

Hayden remembers David Lee being the Partner of record and not Alicia as he lead her to believe.

Kalinda tracks down Jeffrey's two male legal relatives. One is an uncle who was previously an aunt and the other is a half brother of which he was not aware.

The computers are being ratted not to spy on Florrick/Agos, but to take cheap videos of Grace. 

Owen goes to Will and tells him the only reason Alicia started her own feeling was because she couldn't own her feelings for him.

Associate Edelman told Alicia and Cary that Howard Lyman told him to send a check of bribery to the Chippewa Nation, but under deposition he said it was Alicia in exchange for a partnership position at Lockhart/Gardner.

Clarke Hayden makes a deal with Florrick/Agos to work with them as an attorney, for free, until they are in the black.


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Diane: You know sometimes I look at you and I wonder if you've changed or if you were always this way.
Alicia: I had some of the best teachers in the world. I couldn't help but change.

Clarke Hayden: This is Florrick/Agos?
Grace: It's cool, huh?
Hayden: Yes. That's the word.