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Louis Canning joins Lockhart/Gardner and Diane has difficulty working with him.

Alicia comes to the defense of Finn when the State's attorney tries to make him the scapegoat in the Jeffrey Grant case.

When Florrick/Agos takes on an NSA whistleblower case they learn Alicia has been an NSA target along with Florrick/Agos. 

The NSA guys are being questioned in their office. 

When Cary makes demands about Chum Hum in connection with a possible merger, Diane puts the breaks on their talks and David Lee shows his Louis Canning card. Canning comes to the office.

The NSA guy, Jeff, goes to Florrick/Agos to seek legal counsel. He says burner phones won't work and Alicia asks if they're under surveillance. He says no.

Cary announces to Alicia he had to make decisions without her just before Louis Canning calls with the news of Lockhart, Gardner and Canning.

Canning and Kalinda do not get along.

Cary and Clarke tell Jeff exactly what to say during their next lie detector test and then to accuse his boss of wrong doing.

Cary is overheard talking about the NSA while the NSA is listening in to him.

Finn realizes he's the reason Jeffrey Grant killed Will and she wants off the Finn case.

Even though Cary and Clarke think Alicia's too out of it to make decisions, she's the only one who realizes he keeps telling them the NSA is listening to them.

Jeffrey admits the three hop warrant is three hops from her.

Alicia goes to Peter's and tells them they're being tapped. Peter uses their newest intern's cell phone to make a call to a senator to find out if the NSA is tapping them.

Clarke uses Jeff's Cherokee heritage to try to drag out some information.

Peter uses what he knows about the senator to scare him into admitting to the tap when he refuses to talk about it on the phone with Peter.

Canning messes with Kalinda because she doesn't have an employment agreement. Diane wants Kalinda to find out if she's being forced out of the firm. Canning tells Alicia to tell her she's not.

Alicia goes back to the hearing with Finn and kicks some ass. When GD doens't man general detention but going down, it can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

Because of conflicts of interest, Canning was able to cancel most of Will's pre-purchases of other organizations for their expansion. They're no longer over extended.

Peter uses the information he got on Chuck Froines to get him in trouble and it closes down the tap.

Alicia and Peter carry on as usual.

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