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Diane confesses to Will about the interview immediately after it occurs.

It's family interview and photo day for the Governor Elect.

Will starts to gather evidence against Diane.

Lockhart/Gardner votes to push Diane out.

A surrogate carrying a child who may have birth defects refuses to abort.

The biological parents decide to sue the surrogate for economic devastation.

Will tells Diane to leave.

Zach shows Alicia the "10 Hottest Politician's Daughters" website.

Marilyn is given the opportunity to head up a new ethics committee when Peter receives flack for moving her from her former role.

Diane doesn't accept the exit package offered.

Will wants Alicia to consider replacing Diane as managing partner.

Cary tells Alicia staying at Lockhart/Gardner would be a mistake.

Robyn tells Kalinda that Alicia is leaving the firm.

Alicia tells Grace's pastor to hit the road when he turns up at the door.

Grace just wants to be pretty.

The surrogate abortion case ends with a doctor's error.

Diane wants a 20% increase in her exit package to leave.

Alicia tells Cary they need to leave this week.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Alicia: What's going on?
Will: Diane.

Well, I've already been to prison myself, so I guess I'm pre-inoculated.