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Alicia is off to New York on this episode of The Good Wife, while, the competition between Diane and Will heats up.

Cary tells Alicia her speech for the American Bar Association is dry and to rewrite it.

Every lawyer is after a certain client and before Alicia and Cary present Will and Diane are there. Alicia and Cary lose their slot because of it.

As Alicia sits down to write her speech, she recalls what it was like interviewing for positions when she got back into the job market.

Each time Alicia tried to move on with her story, she remember Will opening the door for her -- literally. He held open an elevator door and her world changed.

Will sees Elsbeth at the ABA conference and decides to use her as his representation against the Office of Public Integrity.

A bear calls Elsbeth a dirty Jew in the streets of NYC, but she decides to use the vulnerability to her advantage.

As Alicia was trying to get a job with Will, she imagined Jackie there, calling her a whore and telling her she likes nice things.

On the day Alicia met with Will, she met Cary for the first time in the reception area.

Alicia asks Cary what he first thought of her and who he would hire now if they could hire either one of them.

Elsbeth goes to Nelson Dubek and asks what he has. He has a gif. She records him saying he'll go after Will and Peter without evidence, finding it later, no matter what. He tells her she needs to erase it because she didn't get his permission. She doesn't need it in New York. He didn't know that.

Rayna Hecht wants to see Alicia's speech. She didn't know when they scheduled their first meeting she was "the" Alicia Florrick.

When Will watches Alicia's speech he remembers his part in getting Alicia back to work, including burying what he learned about her past -- her firm was about to fire her because although she won a lot of cases and brought on clients, she had no killer instinct.

Big news breaks during Alicia's speech and people start to walk out. 

Alicia is in a restaurant alone and Will walks in, taking the only remaining table, next to Alicia. She asks why he hates her. He tells her it's because of her scheming to leave with her clients. She tells him they could never make it work. He says she's linking two things together and he doesn't do that. She doesn't believe him.

Alicia gets the call to meet with Rayna when she's had a few.

Jim Moody catches up with Will and wants to talk about the voter fraud. Will tells him to stay the hell away or he's calling security.

Dubek has video of Jim Moody and Will. He's going after Peter.



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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Alicia: Mr. Hayden, you got out of your taxi.
Clarke: Yes, I decided to walk. It was only 15 blocks.

Alicia: Hey! You got top billing!
Will: I'm an impressive person.
Alicia: I never doubted it for a minute.