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- After a judge died in a car accident, the insurance company doesn't want to pay out on the $2,000,000 life insurance policy. Alicia attends the Coroner's Inquest which will determine the cause of death and whether or not the insurance will need to be paid.

- The car crash and death go through several lines of questioning, including driver's negligence from drinking and mobile phone use, to suicide due to a bribery investigation, to being rundown by another car, to blaming the wife for running him off the road, and finally to being forced off the road by a drunk driver. In the end, the insurance company settled for the full amount of the policy.

- Cary's father shows up at the firm with a new client, a pharmaceutical company that wants to write a medical marijuana initiative that would be more limiting than another one being offered. Cary fights his father on certain provisions, which leads his father to request a partner be present. Diane agrees to attend the meetings, but the pharmaceutical company pulls its business instead. Cary's father approaches Diane with an offer to get the business back, but Cary brings the company CEO in and saved it himself. Cary wishes his father well, but says he will be working directly with the general counsel going forward.

- Alicia and Will are tired of the awkwardness between them and decide to go back to being friends. When Will is leaving, Alicia stays behind to avoid taking the elevator with him. Then, she looks disappointed he isn't there.

- Jordan finds out that Zach had a picture taken with his girlfriend and her Muslim family. Also, his girlfriend's father donated to a Hamas organization in 2008. They discuss talking to Zach about his relationship. Jordan meets with Zach and he breaks up with her. When Alicia finds out she verbally attacks Jordan and he ends up being fired by Peter. Jordan disappointed and angry that Eli set him up. Zach eases his mother's anger by telling her that he was going to end the relationship anyway.

The Good Wife
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