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- The reporter won't give up the story about Peter's alleged cheating. Kalinda investigates and interviews the girl and determines that she's lying. The outlet drops the story, but the reporter is upset and stands by it. She gives the story to a political blog to stick it to Peter.

- The cast this week involves a case against a university for the hazing death of a student. The opposing counsel claims it was a hate crime and outside the responsibility of the school. When that didn't work, they claim it was black-on-black violence. The university settles when Lockhart Gardner proves the university was aware of the conflict between the two fraternities involved.

- The Trustee is making changes at the firm. He gives Cary and office -- Alicia's. They are forced to share. And, the firm gives up the 27th floor.

- Something is wrong with Jackie. She is having hallucinations of cockroaches.


The Good Wife
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