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- Will and Alicia face off against Louis Canning again. Will handles the depositions back at the office, while Alicia heads to Minnesota to depose the CEO of a bank in a case regarding foreclosed properties and West Nile disease. The CEO continually delayed his deposition and finally agreed to talk to Alicia if she met him in Minnesota. He arrives, stays 3 minutes and leaves due to an "emergency." After two more days of delays, Alicia proves that Canning was complicit in the CEO's delays and contacts the judge. It turns out the CEO was ill, but hadn't informed the company's board due to a merger. This forces him into settling the case.

- Clarke is upset that Diane and Will prevented the merger and calls for mediation to have them removed from their leadership roles at the firm. They claim he has no right to do that because they have five more weeks to get the necessary money. They also have Cary tell the mediator how Clarke "forced"the lawyer to help the mediator study for the bar exam. With the $12 million win (the firm gets $3 million of that) against Canning, plus the $20 million they previously brought in they are on the way to the $60 million they need to pay the creditors, plus they had an outsider purchase their outstanding debt. The mediator ruled in Will and Diane's favor giving them five more weeks. They aren't sure if they can make it or not and hope the new creditor will give them an extension.

- As Alicia and Canning are leaving the hotel in Minnesota, he drops a huge bomb -- he bought the firm's debt. He is the new creditor.

- The Justice Department is still after Eli for his handling of campaigns and Wendy Scott-Carr is the one handling the case. Eli calls foul on this. Both he and Diane believe the investigation is purely for political reasons. Due to the investigation, Eli is forced to bring on a second-in-command to assist with Peter's campaign, Jordan Karahalios (T.R. Knight). Diane tries to outmaneuver Scott-Carr by informing her previous campaign manager about the Justice Department investigation. In response, Scott-Carr moves to investigation not only Eli, but the entire firm which means Diane can no longer represent Eli. He is forced to find new counsel.

The Good Wife
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