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The third season of The Good Wife kicks off with a case of a dead Jewish student and the firm defending a Muslim man accused of killing him. The culprit turns out to be the man's roommate and the basis turns out to be a gay affair gone wrong, not anything religious.

But other personal items come out through the case. To it:

- Eli is fully integrated into Lockhart/Gardner, as he first takes on a pro-Muslim PR campaign and then gets paid more by a Jewish friend to represent his own religion instead.

- Peter sees through a move Alicia tries to make in court, setting up the difficult she'll have at her job with him at State's Attorney.

- Grace is forced to work with a quirky new tutor.

- Alicia and Will keep sleeping with each other, but keep the relationship secret. Diane actually calls Will out for being too hard on Alicia in the office, and the episode ends with Will knocking on the door and Alicia looking in the mirror, questioning whether or not this is a good idea.

The Good Wife
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