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Matthew Perry makes his initial appearance on The Good Wife this week, portraying a lawyer in charge of a blue ribbon panel.

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You folks made good observations about the mtiorinies dying, though Hurley is Latino. I saw Kate's sexist use from Season 3 onward; just like Uhura, she's defined by caring for her man; they altered it a bit for Season 5 by having her obsessed with caring for Emily de Ravin's child, but it's the same uninventive approach. None of the characters feel real; they're all archetypes; when the writers feel they've exhausted the archetype, it's time for that character to die. I hate that Sayid never had a strong story from Season 3 onward; he was just a background guy, really. I enjoyed this ep and the previous one more than any others this season, but I'd hope fans are realizing how shallow the show is. The Sayid death mirrored Michael's in how pathetic they were; it was almost funny in its lameness. The arcs for these characters mean nothing, obviously. What about Sayid's whole arc about killing Ben as a kid? The way he was obsessed with the French woman, then Maggie Grace, then the Iraqi woman. It's so bad. So, the French woman really is dead? She was at least fun and they killed her in the most lame way, too. This show doesn't know how to make the most out of dramatic moments; at least Boone's death felt meaningful. Jin and Sun's death was also undramatic and nonsensical. Wouldn't Jin want to at least ensure their child's well being; of course not because that would interfere with this terrible formula. I suspected the show was contrived and simplistic in its world view from Season 1, but I enjoyed it and the second season and even the last few eps of Season 3, but this show is proving how poorly thought out the entire universe and its events are. It's all rubbish. Still, this beats any other ABC show.