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This episode of The Good Wife centered around a death penalty case. A man was scheduled to be executed at midnight, but Alicia got a call from a clerk who implied that there was an addendum the firm could file to help stave off the execution, or at least delay it.

This set into motion a number of phone calls and investigations. Cary got involved because he knew the clerk from a former job. Will gave out assignments at the office. Blake chased down a lead.

In the end, Kalinda found the arson expert who testified at the trial and got him to admit there was a possibility that the guy was innocent. At the last minute, right after Diane had arranged for the convict's daughter to get a glimpse of her dad, the firm succeeded at getting the man a re-trial. It was exciting, tense stuff.


- Alicia mentioned to Will that it would be nice if they talked at some point.

- Kalinda told Alicia that Blake was threatening to expose her past life, but said no more.

- Grace embraced religion more, praying with a friend at home.

- Peter was asked during his live debate about the state of his marriage and cursed the reporter off.

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(For Robert) That song is by Josh Ritter, and it's called "Here at the Right Time". (For Becky) Haven't you been paying attention? Alicia is getting ever closer to Will, and she's getting ready to ditch that slimy sleazeball who cheated on her so many times. Even if there was "only one" hooker (which I doubt) he still cheated on his wife and banged Amber no fewer than EIGHTEEN times, by his own admission in court. That's a pattern of infidelity. Alicia needs to dump him ASAP and move on. About this episode, though -- I didn't think they'd ever top the excellence of "On Tap", but it looks like they did. Riveting stuff. It going to be hard to wait for the next one.


the big finale will be alicia/peter starting over, the frame work just started. so all you will people turn the channel.


Anyone know the song name and artist that played while the prisoner walked and briefly saw his daughter?


riveting performances by Will, Alicia and Diane...as I watched I felt as if I was right there in the midst of the case witnessing an enormous spiritual and moral battle between good and evil ! The best episode of any television drama I have seen this entire year.


all we need is will and alicia good show


I am ready for "Wil-ecia". This has got to be my favorite show!