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Can you go home again? Yes, Alicia responds on this week's episode.

She takes on the case of a teen named Kenny because she used to babysit him. He's the son of a woman that stopped talking to Alicia as soon as Peter's case broke. By bringing this family back into her life, Alicia also invites talk from her kids. Her daughter, for example, is sad they moved away from friends in Highland Park.

But Alicia has more important things to worry about, such as proving that Kenny didn't kill the security guard around the neighborhood in which she lives. At first, she also faces the issue of Casey - who has taken first chair because Alicia didn't feel comfortable doing so, due to her connection to the family - wanted to plead out the case instead of fight for full exoneration.

This argument sets the stage for the difference between the two associates: Clay is a master negotiator, while Alicia's strength lies in court and with finding evidence. The combination ends up working perfectly this time, as Kalinda and Alicia work to prove Kenny's innocence. The case never even goes to trial, as Casey negotiates a deal for tresspassing, with no jail time, for their client.

It was a nice showcase for the character of Casey. He can be smarmy and passive aggressive (he basically takes credit for the win with Diane at the end of the episode), but he's also not as confident as a seems. A nice, layered character.

The hour also focused a lot on Alicia's past life, as saw flashbacks to a time when she was actually happy with Peter. Those days may be gone, but the episode concluded with Alicia and her daughter staring out the window of their new home. Both admit they are happy they moved.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Alicia: He's a family friend that got into some trouble.
Will: Legal trouble? Or my parents don't understand me problem?

Kenny's mother as my first friend in Highland Park... and the first person to stop talking to me.