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On the season finale of The Good Wife...

... The firm represented a woman whose husband (and cop) was killed by a drug dealer. But Alicia and company believed other crooked cops set up his death because he was gonna turn on them. Cary represented the opposition and shined as the new enemy. Gary Cole also returned as Diane's crush and the case's gun expert, hired by the opposition and embarrassed by Diane during his deposition.

... It turned out that the cop himself was crooked. It also turned out the wife set him up, which created a great moral dilemma: Diane and Will gladly accepted a settlement that netted their client $500,000, despite her guilt (the opposite was unaware of this evidence when it made the offer). Alicia wondered how that was ethical. Will simply replied: because she's our client. That's our job.

... Kalinda had wrongfully accused her cop pal of being dirty, so she tried to make it up to him at the end. She gave him the wife's name, said she was behind the murder... and we were left wondering if this information would make Kalinda an accessory to a revenge killing.

... Oh, Kalinda also hooked up with a female FBI agent earlier.

... On the personal front, Peter's mom approached his pastor and told him to stop messing with her son. His words regarding abuse of power were prompting Peter to delay running again for state prosecutor. The elder Mrs. Florrick made it clear that this pastor didn't know his place.

... Still, it took Alicia saying she was on board for Peter to run. The episode concluded with Peter holding a press conference, and calling on Alicia to join him on stage. But she was stopped in her tracks when Will called. Fade to black.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

At what point is our job wrong?


Poetry is easy; it's the parent-teacher conferences that are hard.