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This episode picked up immediately after the last one concluded, with Zach and Grace needing to react their father's ankle monitor going off.

As Alicia rushes Peter back into the apartment, Zach flips his skateboard into the alarm and the kids concoct a story for the police: Zach's accidents caused the alarm, Peter was there the whole time. Later, Alicia has a family meeting and asks for total honesty: Zach says he's seeing Becca, and Grace asks about Will. Clearly uncomfortable, Alicia says Will is her boss and any feelings they had for each other are gone.

Peter talks about Kozko being bugged in church last week, explaining that he didn't break any laws in his relationship with the real estate developer, but there was some shadiness to their dealings.

As for the case of the week, it centers around Alicia's neighbors and immigration. The ball got rolling on it because one of them lied to help cover Peter's story, was forced to show ID and his famil was thereby exposed as either knowingly or unknowlngly contributing to a laundering and fraud scheme.

In the end, this investigation served two purposes: it forced Alicia to deal with more guilty over her family and what's been going on; and it showed how badly Cary wants to be junior associate, as he went out of his way to try and get involved.

Let's move to Will for a moment: he told Alicia it was fine that she canceled their date due to this family crisis, but he then phoned a fling and even took off a couple days from work to serve as the judge for a mock trial that this fling, a professor, was in charge of.

But one of the students set Will up to recuse himself, and later showed up to ask him out. She's young, but pretty and aggressive. Will doesn't really see a future with Alicia, so will likely date this student and see where it does.

Finally, the episode ended with Alicia watching the news in horror: Kozko killed himself.

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when you put a comment like "I agree, Will is in on the set up of Peter" you should put this comment contains spoilers. AS NOT ALL OF US HAVE seen this part yet!


I agree, Will is in on the set up of Peter and I would love to see Peter and Alicia make it! Peter did wrong but she did go then and she shouldn't go now! Alicia seen everything with Peter, why can't she see Will is worse! He just hasn't been caught yet!


y should Alicia stand by a man who cheated on her??
it is not about her feeling 4 Will but her independents as a woman..
the children have to understand that their mother has been hurt deeply by peter's betrayal..
she can't just put all in da past and get on n with life..


Lets go girl and get your head on straight, your family comes first that means the kids. Don't make the same mistake and have an affair ( your are still married ) two wrongs don't make it right. As I see it Peter needs all of your support which you have seemed to forget the kids haven't. Get WILL completely out of your life before he destroys you and your family.


Tell shana & pani that the real problem doesn't just lie with Peter, take a good look at sleezball WILL who has nothing more on his mind than to get into Alicia pants and the hell with her family. He is out for him and nobody else. If you have been following the series it has been telling you that Peter was framed and set up by the AG AND OTHERS (WILL). The AG wanted Peters job and WILL wanted ALICIA. The perfect frame right down to the photo retouch of the hooker.


I'm not a fan of romantic triangles that be said the moment they go to make Alicia as a good wife who is going to sacrifice the choices she can make for "being a good wife" as common believe I will turn off the TV and will never watch another episode! I really hope that this TV series is about challenging the common believes that we have inherited from Stone Age! Standing by a cheater doesn't mean you are a good person if your partner is not going to change himself(or herself) continuing this relationship will cause only damages! People it is 2010! have a little respect for women's (or men's) choice!


will Alicia just tell Peter that she has had enough of him.. and also to go to hell...


When are we going to see Will in the hot seat for his involvement in the Peter frame with the AG ? So Alicia can see what a scumbag he is and on his way to prison.


Tell Will to take a hike and knock off the the one night stand crap. Or else !!!!

The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

I love you. Please, don't leave me.


Alicia: What are you doing?
Grace: Keeping dad.