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This episode was a great example of how The Good Wife can mix basic elements of a procedural with the overriding storyline of Alicia and her husband's scandal.

The case of the week involved the widows of three train company employees. They died in an accident and their former employers were denying most of the family's claims by claiming the men themselves were to blame for the crash.

The details of how Alicia helped the firm arrive at a satisfactory settlement for the widows aren't important here, but this is: she outted the affair of someone - someone with a husband and children - in order to help her clients win.

It was clear Alicia struggled with what to do, but daughter Grace actually have her good advice: she has a responsibility to her clients.

In other storyline news: Diane hired Kalinda to investigate a potential new partner, but it was clear she really wanted this man investigated because she was dating him. When Kalinda reported that she was better off with someone else, it at least helped the investigator curry favor with one of her bosses.

Also, Jackie brought the kids to see Peter in jail, against Alicia's wishes. This angered Alicia at first, but she seemed to soften later on when she visited Peter herself. He (ironically) told her to watch out for Will, and also pleaded with his wife: don't give up on me.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm mad at him, but he's still dad.


Jackie: I am doing the best I can.
Alicia: Well, join the club!