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Shaun and Lea do yoga before work. Shaun suggests Lea move in with him. She says everything is different. He says they aren't. Lea says living together is a bigger commitment. She trusts Shaun but she needs a bit more.

Meanwhile, Claire is annoyed when Morgan calls her in on a case. Lim tells her to go.

Morgan and Shaun see a pregnant woman with twins. Shaun has dismissed his first-year resident. Morgan thinks first-years are helpful. The woman's vision is blurry. Morgan and Shaun suspect pre-eclamspia

Dr. Jackson examines the woman. Fetal heart rate drops on only one of the babies. She had an abortion when she was 15. Shaun realizes that there is an RH match problem.

Meanwhile Asher talks with a surgeon and tells him that he doesn't talk to his Hasidic family anymore because he has rejected their religious beliefs. Also, the patient has cancer.

Andrews talks to Shaun who says Olivia doesn't talk enough and doesn't know where the jugular vein is. Andrews suggests pushing Olivia a little. Shaun thinks that's unfair. Andrews convinces him otherwise.

Olivia seems very nervous as she practices with Shaun. She does it perfectly. Shaun doesn't have any understanding of first case jitters. Anyway one of the fetuses is in distress.

Claire and Morgan tell Billy about his melanoma. Park shows up and says he had car trouble. Billy offers him a mechanic. Asher thinks Billy has an amazing attitude. Billy says his wife taught him that. She died three years ago. 

The team does surgery. Olivia forgets to give Andrews a tool. He blames Shaun.

Shaun rants to Glassman. Glassman agrees that it is Shaun's fault. Shaun thinks it isn't fair to Jordan. Glassman says it's not about equality, it's about giving each person what they need. Shaun does not feel qualified to help with emotional issues. 

Billy codes while in surgery.

Lea is doing yoga at work. Shaun tells her she can't do home behavior at work. Lea says so context is important. That's why roommates living together is different than couples living together. Shaun says his feelings have not changed. 

Shaun asks Olivia how she feels. She says okay. He asks how she really feels. She says really okay? She says she has always been terrified of firsts and people waiting for her to screw up. She screwed up 6 x 9 in 5th grade and can still hear the class laughing at her. and if she screws up someone may die. Shaun says the kids laughed at him too.

Meanwhile the strong twin's sack ruptured.

Billy's cancer has metastasized to his liver. Asher suggests removing part of the liver. Park says that is too aggressive but the best shot of beating the cancer. Morgan argues that he will have no quality of life. Asher argues a piecemeal approach won't help. The other doctor thinks Asher is looking for meaning. Asher says he is looking for patterns.

Park asks Morgan how she is feeling. She calls him pathetic. She says screwing with him and Claire is who she is but who is he? Park says forget it and walks off.

Meanwhile the healthy twin's water has broken. a C-section might kill the weak baby, helping the weak baby means the strong baby will die. Shaun thinks they should try to save the weak baby because there is a 5% better chance of survival. Morgan thinks strong is more important to save than weak. Shaun thinks they should induce labor then stop it before the weak baby is born. He thinks they should ask Kensie. Morgan says she will only want to try to save both babies even though there's a big chance both will die. Andrews says it is an option.

Kensie doesn't want to decide something like this. Jordan asks if she's named the babies. Kensie has. She can't do this. She wants the doctors to save both of them.

Meanwhile Billy's surgery proceeds. Park sees a leak in a bile duct. 

Olivia goes to see Andrews. Turns out she's his niece. He's surprised to hear that Shaun has been very supportive.

Lea comes to see Shaun. She didn't think she'd ever have to have this argument but Shaun is different and she wants to live with him a year from now. So she will move in with him. Shaun asks does that mean we have enough committment and trust? Lea isn't sure. She feels it is inevtiable. Shaun is excited

Shaun goes to the surgery room and announces Lea is moving in with him. He has Olivia insert the IV.

Morgan disappears. She tells Shaun she has more important things to do. She informs Shaun that Jordan needs to be reined in and has a problem with people in authority. She wants Shaun to fix it.

Park finds Morgan by his car. She says soemthing's going on with him. Park says he was finalizing his divorce now that Kellan is 18. It hurts.  Morgan offers to let him stay with her.

Shaun asks Jordan why she has a problem with authority. She says she has a problem with him not giving any. She wants him to confront her when she screws up.

Claire talks to Billy. He says he had worst days. He bought a gun right after his wife died so he could kill himself. He saw a car on the way to the store with a flat. He stopped to help and he heard Linda's laugh telling him not to kill himself.

Kensie goes into labor. The first baby is born but his lungs are underdeveloped and must go on a ventilator. Shaun needs to try to stop labor. He doesn't know how to focus on everyone at once. Olivia says she'll be fine. She is upset to learn that Shaun knows Andrews is her uncle. She thinks Andrews thinks she can't do it. Kensie is still in labor. Will she lose her babies? Shaun doesn't know.

They need to a C-section. Kensie won't consent even though she will die if she doesn't have one. Jordan tries to distract her. She tries to help her stay positive by having her talk about what is going on with her kids 8 years from now. The contractions stop just as Shaun is about to do the C-section.

Shaun informs Glassman he can't teach. Glassman thinks it's good the first years confided in Shaun. Glassman says Shaun will figure it out and is a wonderful teacher.

Claire opens the shades for Billy. Either he wakes up or goes into a coma. Billy wakes up. He asks Park if he called about his car. He says groggily that men aren't good at asking for help.

Claire congratulates the residents and tells them to stop bickering and listen to each other. 

Kensie sees her baby and is still pregnant with the other one.

Shaun gives Olivia a list of all the things she did right and Jordan a list of all the things she did wrong.

Morgan is watching TV when there is a knock on her door. It's Park.

Andrews offers Olivia a ride. She doesn't want to talk to him. He tells her a story about her great aunt who comforted him when his grandparents were fighting. He wanted to be that kind of perosn for her. Olivia says he has been but she needs to know he thinks she can do this. 

Lea says it feels like home again. They kiss. Shaun says it's not the same. It's better.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Woman: What does that mean, Dr. Murray?
[After Shaun points to his name badge]
Morgan: Is your vision blurry?
Woman: A little, but I'm just tired.
Morgan: Could be pre-eclampsia.

Claire: Ugh. Morgan needs me to go in ASAP.
Lim: You think she shouldn't page you? You figure she can handle it just because she used to be a surgical intern?