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February 26, 2020: Blurry figures begins coughing. A woman with a headache buys a coffee and leaves a tip.

Shaun is pouring orange juice when there is a knock on his door. It's Lea. She can't find her ID badge. Shaun insists she should have stayed over. She says it's too soon.

Claire and Lim visit Melendez's grave.

The woman from the coffee shop sees Morgan, who reassures her it can't possibly be coronavirus. But two weeks later, she is struggling to breathe and Lim says that it is definitely COVID.

Shaun sees a patient who has COVID and can't smell. He sends him home to rest.

Park sees a pregnant woman who has it. He gets a call from his wife. He doesn't want to come back to Phoenix during the pandemic.

Board meeting online. They are having issues trying to get PPE supplies. He's annoyed that Debbie interrupts him. He doesn't see why he can't go back to the hospital with precautions. Debbie says he is too high risk. 

The first woman is having trouble breathing and needs a ventilator. The doctors are wearing hazmat suits. Claire has to intubate her.

Week three. Park gets a call from his son. Lea calls Shaun at the same time. Shaun considers a video call being together, while Park's son is worried about Park getting COVID from working at the hospital.

Lea wants to come by with a mask on. Shaun says no. Lea thinks she can come over because they are being safe. Lea offers to buy apples. 

The man from before comes to see Shaun. His wife is on video chat and insists he needs to be seen again even though he is not short of breath. She's annoyed. Shaun says the man's oxygen level is dangerously low. The man is surprised as he feels fine.

Claire's patient is not doing well. Lim suggests an experimental drug.

Park subs for a massage therapist and gives a coughing pregnant woman a massage. He is in full PPE.

Claire asks Lim for permission to do a procedure. Lim needs to get more EKG leads.

Shaun is not to intubate his patient yet even though his oxygen stats are dropping. 

Shaun is excited that with masks on they can't see their facial expressions. Claire snaps at him and then at Morgan. Park tells them to stop sniping since they're all exhausted.

Andrews goes into his garage, changes, and has a beer. He has a note to read. He eats his meal in isolation.

Week Four. A woman doesn't want Lim to share an elevator with her.

Shaun is upset that Park put stuff in Lea's cabinet and starts freaking out. Park says he misses her. Shaun denies it.

Claire has an update on her patient. She's still in a coma. She will try more steroids. She cannot allow the daughter to bring her mother something. The daughter insists she doesn't care about the risk. Claire won't let her. The woman leaves a box for her.

Shaun's patient's lungs are filling with fluid. The wife blames herself for giving him COVID.

The pregnant woman is also having trouble breathing.

Glassman is sitting at home. He is on a call and Debbie is making something with clams. She thinks going out to the store is okay. Glassman is upset she can go out and he can't. Glassman says he doesn't have time for any of this. Debbie wants to at least dress up for dinner.

Shaun goes to see his patient. He is surprised by the wife being on video chat. His patient develops a heart condition. So does Claire's. They try to restart her heart.

Claire and Lim must tell their patient's daughter that her mother has died.

outLea insists that Callen look at Shaun and tell him if he looks okay. Shaun says he doesn't miss Lea, just misses having Sex. Park would rather not talk about this in front of his son. Shaun goes on and on. He tells Lea the only difference is they aren't physically together. He misses sex. Lea says call her later so she can teach him about phone sex.

Debbie is concerned that Glassman is not taking any breaks. She finds he is playing online poker and is annoyed.

Shaun goes into technical details. Andrews says they fixed Martin's heart. Music plays as someone else goes home. THere is nothing they can do for his lungs.

The pregnant woman needs to go on a ventilator. Her baby is due in two weeks.

Lea and Shaun have phone sex. Shaun says his ears hurt from wearing two masks and switches back to the sex talk. She wants him to tell her what he is doing to her. What does he want to do? He says kissing her but what if she has COVID. He thinks this is stupid. He wants to be with her. She misses him too. 

Non-Covid patients are now being seen outside and taken to the non-COVID floor.

The daughter of Claire's late patient comes to see her. She's looking for a cross her mother wore every day. Claire can't release it to her. Her things are in quarantine. She says she will clean it and get it back to her anyway.

Debbie is going for a walk with her friend. Glassman says six feet away is too much of a risk. Debbie accuses him of wanting to control her and keep her from going anywhere. She storms out.

The woman in the elevator doesn't want Lim there again but she tells her to wear her mask.

Morgan needs to run a CT scan on her patient.

Meanwhile they are doing a C-section on the pregnant woman. The baby is healthy.

Martin tries to tell his wife how to reset a fuse. He doesn't want her to call a repairman during the crisis. She insists he will be fine. He says most people who go on a ventilator die. She wants to talk to the doctor.. She tells Shaun to tell Martin he will be fine. Shaun says he can't. She wants to talk to Andrews instead. He says Martin's age is a positive but that's all he can say.

Park looks in on his patient, who is on a ventilator. He tells her her daughter is beautiful and COVID free. His patient needs to get better so she can hold her.

Morgan is doing the CT scan. She tells someone to put on a mask and that the CT scan shows her patient has COVID. Everyone in the non-COVID ward has been exposed.

Park wants to monitor his patient. Andrews says they are already overwhelmed but Park will take full responsibility.

Lea knocks on Shaun's door. He says she can't come in. He puts sanitizer on his hands and picks up the envelope she slides under the door. It's a thing for his mask so his ears won't hurt. She doesn't want to leave. They sit on opposite sides of the door and talk. 

Debbie doesn't want to be around Glassman.

Claire goes into the area where everyone's stuff is. There are bags and bags of patients' things. She hears Melendez's voice telling her things will be okay and sees him standing there.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Shaun: You have COVID-19. I can tell without a test, which is a good thing because we don't have any.
Man: But I can't smell. That's not a symptom.
Shaun: It is now.
Man: So I have COVID. Now what?
Shaun: Go home. There's no treatment. Rest, stay away from people, come back if you have trouble breathing. Goodbye.

Lea: Have you seen my ID badge?
Shaun: This wouldn't have happened if you had stayed over.
Lea: My ability to lose things has not changed since I lived here.
Shaun: If you had stayed over you wouldn't have had to come back here.
Lea: It's too soon.
Shaun: Why is it too soon?
Lea: We've only been together a few weeks.
Shaun: How many weeks are required before you can stay over?