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Morgan and Shaun talk to a cancer patient who is having lots of side effects from chemo. He's upset that they can't do anything about his side effects. He rejects the idea of any more chemo.

Glassman talks to Morgan's mother, who has a brain condition. The only cure is a lobectomy, which will make her not able to paint. (Apparently this is quality-of-life night). Glassman tries to convince her that she would still have a good life without her ability to paint. She disagrees. 

Morgan is not happy to see her mother, until her mom has a seizure and faints.

Shaun comes to take Carly to "lunch" (really sex). He has a whole plan down to the minute. Carly thinks it's too short a time.

Park and Claire gossip about Morgan's parents during the surgery, which Morgan doesn't appreciate.

Park says that Morgan's mother is a famous artist. Shaun interrupts to complain about his issue with Carly.

Morgan and her mom exchange words. Claire tries to get Caroline to realize how serious the problem is. Caroline gives Claire flowers. Later, Morgan asks Claire to take the case.

Claire tries to find out what is going on with Morgan and her mother.

Melendez comes to see Oliver (the cancer guy). He broke his foot skydiving. He wants to have adventures during the last six months of his life. He wants to get vaccinations so he can go to Costa Rica.

Shaun thinks last night's sex was good. Carly appreciates the effort.

Caroline is talking to Morgan's sister when Morgan shows up. Caroline refuses to talk about her condition. She doesn't know Morgan has arthritis too. Morgan is hurt that she has been excluded from the discussion. 

Morgan's mother cuts her finger off during another seizure. Sheneeds surgery again. During surgery, Shaun wonders if the bleeding caused the seizure. in which case they could just remove the damaged tissue. Morgan doesn't want it because then Caroline won't have a lobectomy because she can paint.

Claire goes to talk to Morgan. She suggests that Morgan wants her mother to lose her painting ability because it makes Morgan feel inferior. Morgan agrees to Shaun's idea.

Shaun shows up at Carly's dressed in a kilt because she likes Outlanders.

Caroline must stay awake so that they can check what's causing her bleed.

Oliver is back. He feels dizzy and fainted. He thinks he got poisoned by a fish. His wife is upset. He says he will not be needing his retirement accounts. His wife says she is not moving to Costa Rica with him. She is offended that he will go without her. His wife doesn't want to be with him anymore because she thought she made him happy and can't see beyond her hurt feelings.

Morgan continues to rant about every bad thing Caroline ever did. Caroline says she loves her even though Morgan is not creative. Morgan is annoyed. She reads a bad review that Caroline once got. Caroline starts having a seizure. 

Later, Park has bad news: Shaun's diagnosis was wrong. Caroline thinks this was a waste of time when she wanted to work. Morgan is upset that her mother is dying and leaves.

Shaun tells Morgan she is like her mother. Morgan is surprised. Meanwhile, Shaun is reading a book about sex that he doesn't think is antaomically correct. Morgan gets an idea and goes.

Morgan has an idea that she goes to Glassman with. It involves lasers and would be an alternative to surgery. Glassman thinks this is a bad idea. Morgan wants him to do it.  Glassman refuses. Morgan asks if he is scared. Glassman tells her to go.

Claire tells Melendez if she only had six months to live she'd foster rescue dogs. Melendez says even her fantasy involves helping and she can't escape who she is.

Glassman goes to see Caroline and tell her about the possible procedure.

Caroline tells Morgan and her brother about the new procedure. Morgan says it's a new technique and that it was her idea. She says it's Caroline's last chance to complete her art. Caroline rejects the idea as too risky.

Morgan has a fight with her brother, who walks off. Park shows up and Morgan tries to leave but he asks her not to.  He tells her she did the right thing by leaving her family. She says her brother makes a lot more money than she does. Park says she recreated the competition she grew up with when she came to the hospital.

Oliver has shingles. He doesn't want them to call his wife. He says he isn't the same person as he was  He is amused by Shaun's focus on small things. When he shakes his head, Shaun and Park notice something. 

Morgan approaches her brother and apologizes. She says she has to show him something. She shows him a neural pathway demo on a computer. He says she could show this to Caroline. She says Caroline will accept it from  him.

Morgan watches as Glassman and Park do the surgery.

Park and Shaun have news for Oliver. The infection has attacked the tumor and it is now operable. 

Caroline comes into her hospital room. She has painted her signature on the door. Ariel tells her she should thank Morgan. Caroline says she owes Morgan everything. She thanks her for saving her life. Morgan tries not to be hurt when Caroline calls her a plodder.

Shaun thinks he needs to practice sex. Lim makes an analogy about frozen pizza that Shaun doesn't understand.She tells him his ability to hyperfocus is his superpower and he should do the same thing with sex. Shaun goes.

Shaun and Carly take a bus an Oliver does not.

In bed, Carly has a wide smile after sex.



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Glassman: A balanced life is not necessarily a lesser life. You could still have a good life.
Caroline: I don't agree.

Caroline: The other doctor gave me two years.
Glassman: So you thought I'd give you three?