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Morgan and Shaun worked on a patient named Jas who had a pain in her hand following new nails being fitted. 

Morgan wanted to preserve the hand because the lady was a violinist, and found herself bickering with Shaun over the best course of action. 

During surgery, the doctors realized that the arm needed to be amputated because of sepsis, and Morgan took it upon herself to tell the patient herself. 

Jas was livid at losing her arm and told Morgan to leave. Neil later helped Morgan understand that doctors make decisions they're not always happy about. 

Meanwhile, Claire found a shadow on a scan of one of her patients yet could not find any indication that there was anything wrong with her. 

She managed to talk the family into surgery and found an old lego toy in the lung. 

Lea continued to try and get acclimated with Shaun, but the pair continued to argue over the slightest of things, prompting them to question whether they made the right decision. 

Later, Lea visited Glassman and realized she needed to stop acting the way she was and they managed to put the past behind them. 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Morgan: It's likely Tendonitis.
Shaun: Or it might be flesh-eating bacteria.

Being a good doctor is knowing when to not scare the patient.