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Shaun is in a bar and asks a man questions. 

The man is not impressed and attacks him. However, the man falls to the ground and hits his head. 

Shaun goes along to the hospital with him and gives some insight into the situation to Claire. 

However, Shaun is coughing up blood and gets Carly to do some tests on him. 

Shaun passes out the moment he realizes the man who attacked him had a specific condition. 

This made Claire step into Shaun's mind to see the truth through his eyes. 

She saved the man's life. 

Shaun woke up to find out that Aaron and Andrews fought his corner and that Dr. Han was out of the hospital. 

Neil and Lim went public with their romance, and everyone was shocked. 

Neil decided to tell the board that he did not want the chief of surgery post and Lim was offered it. 

Park and Reznick helped a woman called Ida who wanted everyone to be around her at all times. 

She spoke about her daughter who survived cancer. However, the doctors later realized the woman was lying because she was on her own and needed someone in her life. 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Claire: Shaun? Come in, tell us what you saw, what you did.
Shaun: I can't. I'm not a doctor here.
Claire: You're still a doctor, Shaun. We need to know what happened.
Shaun: I... found him like that.

Shaun: It might be an epidural hematoma.
Neil: We heard.
Lin: Let's get a bold ICP monitor ready.
Claire: I'm on it.
Neil: Dr. Lim, how was your meeting?
Lim: I confirmed the lack of inducement or pressure. I assume you did likewise?
We are approved.
Claire: For what?
[Neil and Lim kiss.]