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The episode starts with Jenny, one of the twins, waking up and moving her arm. Claire gives her three words to remember and asks her to count backwards from 100 by 7. She does and remembers the three words. She seems to be doing well. Katie is not awake yet. The doctors meet and look at Katie's brain activity. There is almost none. Katie is in a coma. 

Shaun walks in and says he will proceed with the angiogram. Melendez and Andrews tell him that he can't contact Glassman about missing work but he needs to contact Melendz. Shaun lets it slip that he was on a road trip with his girlfriend. They tell him that this contradicted Glassman's account and are furious. 

Melendez goes to Glassman. Glassman asks about the twins. Melendez updates him and then asks him about Shaun. Glassman is shocked that Shaun is at the hospital. 

Katie is getting an MRI, and Shaun and Claire are looking at her scans. Claire asks Shaun what he did on the trip. He says he kissed Lea and Glassman is mad at him. 

Claire notices that Katie is not getting blood to her brain. Glassman comes in and asks Shaun to speak to him. Glassman tells Shaun that Melendez is mad at both of them. He asks Shaun why he ran away. Shaun says he did not run away. Glassman says he did and asks if the trip helped Shaun. Shaun said it did and then gives his two weeks notice. 

Jenny asks her mom to get her ice chips. Her mom leaves, and Jenny starts having a panic attack until her mom comes back in the room. Her mom notices and says she can get a doctor, but Jenny explains that it was just because for the first time in her life, she was alone. Her mom says she might find that she likes it sometimes. 

Jessica meets with Jared's lawyer about wrongful termination. Jessica gets a text from Neil with a picture of him as a boy in his soccer uniform saying he will coach youth soccer. Jessica tells the lawyer he has no case because they don't tolerate harassment at the hospital. The lawyer says they do and tells her to read the report. Jessica seems shocked. 

The doctors look at Katie's brain scans. Shaun has visions of what they could do. He suggests a stint. Dr. Ko agrees with him and asks Dr. Murphy if he would like to assist. Shaun says yes and then asks Melendez if he will write him a letter of recommendation. 

in the stint procedure, Dr. Ko and Dr. Murphy work together on the stint. Ko says she has heard about Shaun and about how he makes the other surgeons nervous because he has a gift. She says surgeons judge themselves against their peers and Shaun is winning. Katie's alarms start beeping, and Dr. Ko says she is going to stroke and they need to abort the stint. Her stats normalize but Katie's brain problems are not fixed.

Jenny asks the doctors if she can see Katie. They say they cannot risk contamination for either of them. Jenny says she needs her sister to know she's there. Dr. Andrews says he understands, but she says there's no way he could because he didn't have a conjoined twin. Dr. Andrews says they are going to work on fixing her heart. 

Dr. Melendez and Claire work on Jenny's heart and say it is in worse shape than they originally thought. 

Drs. Ko, Melendez, Murphy, and Browne meet to discuss Katie's heart issues. Jenny's heart was working when they were conjoined because Katie's heart was doing all the work. Dr. Ko says she needs a donor heart to survive. Melendez says they won't get a heart in time. Shaun says they already have the perfect heart in Katie. Dr. Ko agrees because Katie is unresponsive and Jenny might not make it through the night. If they agree to take Katie off the ventilator then Jenny can survive. Dr. Ko wants to propose Shaun's idea to the mother. 

The doctors meet with the twins' mother. The mother asks if there's a chance Katie will wake up. Dr. Ko says they can't say with 100% certainty but that there is little hope based on the brain scans. Melendez says what is certain is that Jenny will die without the heart. The mother asks if Katie will be in pain. Dr. Andrews says she will peacefully pass. The mother signs the form and weeps. The doctors ask if they want them to explain it to Jenny. She says no. She says Jenny can't be part of it in anyway because it will destroy her. The mother plans on telling her Katie died. 

Melendez and Glassman talk about a letter that Melendez wrote for Shaun. Melendez says it's a stupid idea but he won't stop Shaun from going after what he wants. He tells Glassman he needs to sign the letter too.

Jessica meets with Allegra Aoki about other doctors who have physically assaulted other staff members and got away with it. She accuses Allegra of it being a racist decision because Jared was black but the other doctors were white. Allegra says it's because they were star surgeons. She tells Jessica to settle the case with Kalu. Jessica agrees to do it.

Claire gets on an elevator with Glassman. She asks him about Shaun wanting a letter of recommendation. She tells Glassman that Shaun thinks he's mad at him. She tells him that if you don't sign it, it will reinforce what he thinks and if he does sign it, Shaun will know that Glassman believes in him. 

The doctors wait in the OR while the mother says goodbye to Katie before they take her off the ventilator. They turn off her machines, but Katie's heart stabilizes on its own to the shock of the doctors. 

With her normal vitals but no brain activity, her prognosis is a lifelong vegetative state. Claire suggests that they put Jenny on ecmo to act as Jenny's heart for a few weeks. 

Shaun has medical visions while the other doctors debate options. He suggests putting them back together at the thigh. Dr. Ko laughs because she didn't think of it. Katie's heart will beat for Jenny, and when Katie dies, they can do the transplant to Jenny and then separate them.

Jenny finds out that her mother took Katie off life support. She is devastated. Jenny is happy that Katie is alive, but Dr. Andrews says she has no brain activity so she is surviving but not living. Jenny says they were wrong before but they could be wrong about this too. Jenny says she won't ask Katie to be her life support.

Claire watches the mother with Katie and then goes to Dr. Andrews to suggest that they put the sisters in the same room overnight to maybe allow Jenny to see Katie as lifeless so she won't feel guilty about it. 

Lea and Shaun pack up Lea's apartment. She talks about a baseball in a glass case that is special to her. Shaun tells Lea that he's applying to move his residency to Hershey, PA. She asks if Shaun is following her because she wants to make sure Shaun isn't just doing to stay close to her. Shaun says it's so he can have his own life without Dr. Glassman. He says he doesn't want help and he'll never know if he needs help if he stays. He tells her she has too much stuff. 

Jessica and Neil are in their bedroom folding laundry. Jessica suggests going on a trip and says Neil is too slow while folding laundry. So, they have a competition to see who is faster and laugh. He tells her that she is the only good thing about his day. 

Jenny watches her sister in the hospital bed and then sits up to move closer to her. Claire watches from the window. 

The next morning, the doctors listen as Jenny says that she couldn't sleep last night or close her eyes until she could feel Katie's heart beat in her hand. She asks if Katie's heart will beat for her eventually. Melendez says that is the plan. Jenny says if so, wherever she goes, Katie will always be with her. She agrees to the surgery. 

Jenny is awake for the surgery. All doctors are working together. Jenny says she can tell that it's done and they are connected. They put both girls' vitals net to each other, and it is a success. 

Glassman goes to Shaun to ask him why he wants to go to Hershey. Shaun tells him that Lea is moving there. Glassman signs the letter. He says he brought him here because he thought it would challenge Shaun, but that he really brought him here because he thought Shaun needed him. He tells Shaun he doesn't want him to go. He will back off if Shaun stays and let him make his own choices. Glassman tells him he believes in Shaun. 

The twins' blood pressure drops. The doctors discuss this when they hear Katie say "Jenny." Melendez orders tests on both and instructs Browne and Murphy to do it together. 

The doctors tell the mother about Katie waking up but say they don't know what caused it. The mother says they need each other. Jenny's heart is still an issue because there isn't enough heart for both girls if they are both awake. They explain that they need to find a donor heart for Jenny. 

Jared meets with his lawyer at lunch to discuss settlement. He says no to the hospital's check. Jared says he just wants his job back. Jared says he will pay the lawyer a third of the settlement to get him his job back. 

Claire asks Shaun if he's moving because of Lea. Shaun says he's not but Lea makes him happy. Claire says Lea is not the only one who could do that. She tells Shaun she will miss him. 

Jenny's lab results come back and they now realize that Jenny is killing Katie. The doctors rush into surgery to separate them because they will both die if they don't. Katie says they can't do it because Jenny will die. Jenny crashes and Katie starts sobbing. They begin CPR on Jenny. 

Claire goes to the waiting room to inform the mother what happened. Jenny passed away, but Katie is stable and had good vitals. Claire says they have an issue that they need her help with him. Katie won't allow them to separate her from Jenny, and if she doesn't let them, Katie will die. 

The doctors and nurses let the mother talk to Katie. She tells Katie that they have to let her go. Katie says they used to say they were made that way for a reason so she won't separate from her, even if it kills her. The mother tells her to look at her sister and says that she can't lose both of them. 

Jared gets ready in the locker room and says hi to Dr. Andrews. Andrews says he doesn't want Jared there and that they misrepresented racism for something it wasn't. Andrews says this sets them back.

Jared goes into the twins' surgery and Melendez puts him on suction. The doctors work to separate the twins. 

Shaun goes to Glassman's office and returns the letter while telling Glassman that he spoke to Claire. He is going to stay at St. Bonaventure Hospital. Glassman puts the letter in his desk drawer. 

Jessica sits at home. Melendez walks in, and she says she wants to break up. He asks why. She says because she loves him and wants him to have everything he wants, including kids. She says he'll regret that decision one day. She doesn't want to be resented by Melendez. She tells him he will be a great dad. 

Shaun holds the elevator for Lea, and Lea gives him her baseball to borrow. She tells him to bring it when he comes to visit her. He says he will and he likes Hershey because Lea is there. 

Lea tells him she thinks he's a good doctor. They kiss and Lea leaves. 

In his apartment, Shaun takes the baseball out of the case and puts it next to the picture of him and his brother. 

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Shaun: Lea makes me happy.
Claire: Lea's not the only one that can do that. I'm going to miss you.

Are you a good doctor? Because when I think of you, I think you are.