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After the video of Callie breaking into Harvey's house is revealed, Callie is presented with a three year plea deal and 24 hours to make a decision. Callie breaks down and asks Stef not to tell the other kids about the deal. 

Stef gets help from Mike and they discover that Harvey has been lying about the Martha Johnson case. Mike takes more of a lead investigating the case for Stef while Stef deals with her sex trafficking case with Margo. Stef thinks that they should move Diamond for her own safety because they know Russell will be coming for her. 

Mike interviews Harvey and confronts him about lying about being there the day Martha was killed. Harvey admits someone else was there not just Kyle. Stef and Mike present the evidence to the arresting officer in a last attempt to get him to do something because they know Grey won't. 

Callie makes the rounds spending time with her siblings, starting with time at the beach with Jude. Then she has a jam session with Brandon. 

When Callie is spending time with Daphne and talking about the deal, she notices that Diamond is running away with another girl who she is trying to bring to Russell to make up for betraying him. Stef and Margo had a stakeout to catch Russell but Diamond must have tipped him off.

Callie agrees to go with Diamond instead of the other girl, and she hopes that Stef can track her and catch Russell but she is forced to leave her phone in a bag and the bag gets handed off to someone else. Russell has a gun so she and Diamond can't run. Russell takes her into a hotel room with other people. he talks about how pretty she is and he has her sing. She sings the song that she sang with brandon. She's stuck in this place with a pimp and is afraid that she's about to be sexually assaulted. 

Mike gets Troy to confess and he calls Stef to tell her the good news. She tries to call Callie to tell her the good news but can't reach her. Daphne tells her what happen and she tries track Callie's phone. She passes the hotel that Callie is in. 

Jesus tells moms about Emma being pregnant even though they already know. He ends up suspecting that Brandon is the father. He confronts Brandon and Emma about it when all the kids are at the school protesting. Jesus is mad that Brandon knew and others knew and Brandon took emma to get an abortion.

News breaks that the school board is voiting. Mariana confronts Nick's father.The kids arrive to protest. When news breaks that the school will convert to a private one, the kids lock the adults into the building and won't let them out in protest.

The Fosters
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