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Callie has a nightmare that Lena and Stef sit her down, so that they can all have a discussion. In the dream, the "moms" decide that they are going to reverse Callie's adoption. They bring in Callie's social worker, who  happens to be her mother. Callie wakes up and wonders how to make sense of it.

The next morning the moms tell Callie to "rise above" any of the gossip she may hear, as the rest of the family prepares to leave for school. Stef checks in on Lena, who is seemingly still effected by the incident with Nick in their home. She reminds Stef to look further into the alarm system companies. 

Brandon is staying with his girlfriend at her apartment. He has taken a liking to his girlfriend's son Mason. He and Mason are playing in the apartment and making a mess when his girlfriend walks in and tells him that she may have to call into work because Mason's father can't watch him. Brandon volunteers to babysit Mason for her, so that she can go to work. He tells her that he'll be "Home" by 5. When he leaves the apartment he notices that his car is nowhere to be found. 

Callie arrives to school in time to see a long line waiting for her and chained fences and signs. The school has implemented security checks and Lena is going through each of the kid's backpacks before they are allowed into the school. Callie observes that it reminds her of Juvie all over again. Mariana and callie notice girls in front of them gossiping, and they assume that it's because the word is out about Callie and Brandon. Mariana promises to be supportive of Callie.

Taylor (Jude's potential new love interest) is waiting in line with Jude when her friend comes up and apologize to Jude for the things she said during the lockdown. The two make up. Taylor then asks Jude if he wants to go to church with her after school.

Brandon gets dropped off at school and confronts Stef about taking his car. She notes that he didn't tell her about leaving the house and leaving with a car that isn't his. She makes a remark about him making adult decisions. 

Brandon then is confronted by Callie because she's tired of him picking fights with Stef and Lena and leaving. He tells her that he doesn't like how he's being treated and that it wasn't his decision to tell them.

A student approaches Callie and asks if he has a shot with her or if she's only interested in dating her brother. Callie punches. him.

Lena suspends Callie because of the school's "zero tolerance" policy on violence. Lena is visibly agitated and Stef notices.

The students have a group therapy session where everyone voiced their opinions on the incident with Nick. Some of the students gang up on Mariana, blaming her for what happened. Jesus  defends her.

Jesus and Emma agree to be friends with benefits.

Mariana finds messages in her locker calling her names and a cheater.

Callie  meets a 19 year old law student at a coffee shop. He wants to work for non-profit.

Lena and Monty discuss more security procedures to put into place. Monty is concerned because they don't have the money and funds for it. Lena doesn't seem to care. 

Lena encounters Brandon outside during his free period and tries to convince him to come home.

Callie decides to go for a ride with her new law student crush on his motorcycle.

Jude attends youth group with Taylor. 

Jesus and Emma are about to have sex in the backseat of a car, but Jesus doesn't have a condom. Even though Emma says she's on the pill they admit they've been active with multiple people, and she implies that they should probably be tested.

Jude and the youth group talk about trust and trusting God. Jude seems to feel a bit at home at the youth group. They have a trust exercise and Jude is partnered up with the boy, Noah, the openly gay kid who shared his experiences earlier in the group. It makes Jude feel uncomfortable so he leaves. Taylor follows him and Jude accuses her of only inviting him because she knew Noah was gay.

Callie and her new friend are at beach. She takes pictures of him and shows him her work. They kiss.

Callie and her new friend drive to the house she grew up in.

Stef walks in on Brandon playing the piano at the foster house. They have a talk and he thanks her for everything she's done for him. They seemed to have made up but he has to decline dinner so that he can babysit Courtney's son

Lena finds Callie after she's just gotten off the motorcycle. It leads to a discussion with the moms where they air out their grievances.  Callie tells the moms that she was concerned about them undoing the adoption and they assure her that they would never do that.

Jude returns home from church but he doesn't want to talk about it. 

Jesus and Mariana talk about her issues at school and him getting tested for STDs.

Callie tells Lena that she wants to do a project on what she and Jude went through and how it has led to them finding their  family.

Brandon and Courtney try to have a discussion but they're interrupted by Courtney's ex. Mason's father wants to take him, but they refuse to let him and Brandon claims he lives there. 

Students are still making fun of Mariana in the bathroom.

Mariana calls out those making fun of her during the school assembly. Lena gives a passionate speech about sticking together and how school shootings and preparing for them aren't normal and shouldn't be. 

Stef has a talk with Jude about his visit to church and God. 

Jesus and Emma get bloodwork done and learn more about sti's.

Marianna gets a call from Nick. He wants to see her. 

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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Callie: It's like Juvie.
Lena: From now on, make sure you all give yourselves extra time to get through security. We don't want you late for first period.

I'll be back home by...uh, back here by 5.