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Mariana explains to the family what happened when Nick found her. Jesus blames Mariana for kissing Matt goodbye.

Stef and Lena decide to take all of the kids' phones and cut them off from technology. They also make the kids promise to leave all doors open. Though it seems like it may be for Brallie's benefit.

Brallie want to discuss their situation, but Stef wants to postpone it until after the Nick issue is resolved.

Brandon heads out to the garage to get his keyboard and hears noises that startle him. He heads back to the house and the screen pans out to see Nick hiding up in the rafters of the garage. 

Aj comes to visit Callie. He asks her if she knows anything about what they are saying about her and "Fost and Found". He tells her that he believes that there is nothing currently going on between her and Brandon. Mariana and Callie use his laptop to check the website but Justina has locked them out.

The family have a moment where they are watching G-rated movies in the living together. Most of them aren't fans but Mariana seems to like it. The topic of them having sex comes up and Jude wonders if he's the only one in the house still a virgin.

The garage door is open outside, and Stef, frustrated with Brandon for not shutting it down properly, goes to close it. She keeps hearing noises in the rafters. She draws her weapon. There's nothing there. She heads back to the house but hears more noises. More jump scares. Again coming from the ceiling, where it's shown that they have a crawl space, but again she doesn't see anything.

Brandon sneaks into Callie's room and startles her. Mariana wakes up and takes notice as they exit the room. Jude has trouble sleeping because he has a nightmare about Jack.

Brallie sit in  secret and Brandon asks if their mothers have said anything yet.Stef walks in on Brallie talking in secret in Brandon's room and sends her out. Brandon wonders when they're going to talk about the Brallie situation. He tells Stef that he has plans to help Courtney move the next day, and stef tells them that no one is leaving the house until the Nick situation is resolved.

Stef and Jude have a talk. Jude tells her about his dream he had about Jack. He asks her if dreams mean something more. He wonders if it was some sort of sign.

Leaving Jude's room, Stef once again hers noises in the rafters. She wonders if it has something to do with the wind.

She leaves her gun on the nightstand. Lena asks if it's really necessary. She tells Lena that she caught Brallie in Brandon's room, and that she wonders if they'll always have to be afraid to leave the two of them alone. They both agree that none of the other kids need to know about Brallie.

Mariana asks Callie if Brandon and Callie slept together and Callie admits to it. 

Just when Stef is planning on checking the rafters, thinking that there might be rodents scurrying around, Jesus asks her why Brandon gets to leave the house. Brandon has apparently snuck out of the house so that he can help Courtney.

Lena asks if Jude wants to visit Jack's grave.

Lena calls Jack's aunt, who says that they called her and told her that Jack was cremated. They wanted her to pay four hundred dollars for the cremation but she didn't have the money, and she wasn't lclose to the kid so she didn't bother retrieving his ashes.

Lena heads up to the crawlspace but is startled by Stef. While they're talking the camera pans out to Nick hiding behind a door.

Brandon is in post-coital bliss with Courtney. He snuck to her house to sleep with her and spend time with her, but she tells him that he seemed distracted while they were together. She assumes it has something to do with Nick. 

Just as he's going for a round two, he sees Stef heading towards the house.

Callie calls to get the domain to Fost and found changed. Aj and Mariana help her reroute all the Fost and Found info. 

"Justice for Jack" callie wants to post a copy of the check that Justina wrote on behalf on Jack on the website to prove that she's a fraud and exploits children.

Mariana leaves AJ and Callie to take a nap.

Brandon tells Stef that he's moving in with Courtney.

Nick sneaks into Marianas room with a gun and closes the door. He shushes her and tells her not to scream. 

Nick tries to explain why he's upset with Mariana but he's clearly too far gone and telling her he has voices in his head.

Lena gets the ashes for Jude.

Nick threatens to shoot himself in front of Marianas. 

Marian tries to soothe Nick by telling him that she loves him not Matt.

Matt knocks on the door and asks for Mariana. Stef sends him up. 

Callie walks into the adjoined bathroom and sees that Nick is in Mariana's room with a gun to his head and Matt is headed their way. She sends Matt to go get their moms. Lena and Callie stay in one of the rooms and Stef heads into Mariana's room to see Nick laying on Marian's lap. She unloads his gun and sends Mariana out of the room.

Jude and Callie bury the ashes in the yard with the tree.

Lena says she wants to get to get an alarm. Lena asks what they are going to do about callie.


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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jude: So like am I the only one in this house not having sex?
Stef: You're 14!

You have to stop thinking that nobody wants you.