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Lena discovers that her father is over three hundred thousand dollars in debt. He's been keeping it from her and her mother. She also finds out that he has a lien on her and Stef's home, and that he's used the money that was meant to be her inheritance, because he considered it a loan that she owed him back. Stef has reservations about helping him out of the bind because they can't afford it either. 

Lena also finds out that Brandon took the SATs for another student. She tells him that it puts her job in jeopardy because she found out. It also puts his opportunity to attend Juilliard in jeopardy as well. She learns that Brandon has been slacking off on practicing piano and that he hasn't handed in his application for Juilliard. 

Lena lectures Brandon about his relationship with Courtney and the whole loaning money to her situation. She tells him that she doesn't understand the decisions that he's making and implies that she's disappointed with all the things he's been doing so far. 

Callie and Aaron are still working on trying to find anything to reopen Kyle's case. They find something, but figure out quickly that it won't pan out because the person who received a deal wouldn't want to talk. Later on she finds out that the killer was right-handed and that Kyle is left-handed and that was an important piece of information that didn't make it to his hearing.

She gives the new information to Aaron, because Lena scolded her for attempting to change her project again. Callie wanted to change it to reopening Kyle's case, but Lena reminded her that she changed the project three times already. She gets on Callie about being more focused. 

Jesus joins Robotics club with Mariana. He seems to have a knack for putting things together. Emma insults and berates him whenever he gets something wrong. He takes offense to it and says that she treats him like he's stupid. Emma confesses that she's still upset because he broke her heart. 

Mariana deals with the stress of the boys not respecting her as team leader in Robotics club, and text messages she's receiving from Nick. Nick is released from the psychiatric facility and is being sent to juvenile detention instead. 

Stef attends the hearing and tells the judge that she doesn't think Nick should be released and that he should refrain from contacting her daughter. Mr. Stratos blames Mariana for Nick's breakdown because she keeps giving Nick false hope. Nick claims that he's only reaching out to Mariana because he wants the diamond necklace he gave her back so he can give it to his mom.

Jude finds out that Noah uses marijuana via candy to calm his anxiety. He offers some to Jude. Jude is reluctant to take it at first. He asks Brandon about it later, and Brandon tells him about the time he took it. Jude eventually agrees to try it with Noah. The two try to hide the fact that they are high from Stef when she comes home and checks in on them. 

Later Noah and Jude share their first kiss. 

Brandon tries to make it right and corrects his mistake with the SATs. Lena forgives him but wants him to do better.

Lena tells Stef that they have to help her parents. The two of them decide to put their home up for sell and consult with a realtor. 

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Mariana: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, they just added that and...
Jesus: Mistake. I would have never agreed to joining your club if I had known I had to wake up this early.

Mariana: I've got a STEAM club meeting this morning.
Mr. Adams: What's that?
Stef: I thought it was STEM?