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Callie and AJ are having sex at Mike's apartment when Brandon and Mike come home early. Brandon notices Callie's undergarments and books and Mike goes to let AJ know that he's home. Callie leaves the apartment trying to avoid the awkwardness of being caught.

Mariana is stressed out about being the leader of STEAM club and the project that they have. She decides to take Jesus' Adderall to help her multask with everything. The drugs make her high strong and demanding. Emma and Jesus notice that she's behaving off. She keeps complaining about having headaches and later on she confesses to Emma that she's been taking the meds. She promises that she won't take anymore again. It seems like she may not be telling the truth.

Brandon is having difficulties trying to find time and space to practice piano. Courtney leaves him in charge of babysitting Mason and he takes Mason to the Foster house and tries to get him to sit still so he can practice. Mason is a bit of a terror and difficult for Brandon to manage. Stef catches Mason in her room going through her and Lena's makeup. Stef scolds Mason and tells Brandon that Courtney needs to get her kid under control and that somebody has to tell her how to parent.

Stef and Lena tell the kids that they are going to be losing the house. They don't react well. Lena wants Stef to ask her mom if she could help them out financially. Stef's mother says she'll sell her condo and move in with her boyfriend. Stef doesn't seem to be a fan of the idea and is still upset that they have to help Lena's parents out of this bind. They't rying to plan out how they're going to be able to afford to pay a $2000 mortgage a month if they do manage to keep their home. It would require working seven days a week and barely seeing the kids. 

Stef is annoyed that Gabe said he would work on their garage but hasn't done it yet. When Jesus calls Gabe, Gabe claims that he's sick. To take some of the attention of a Gabe so that he doesn't face Stef's ire, Jesus decides to try and fix the garage by himself. While using a nailgun the kickback causes the nailgun to hit him in the eye and it  knocks him to the floor. 

Jesus goes the entire day without being checked out but is visibly struggling. It appears as though he has a concussion. He passes out and the family takes him to the hospital. The doctor discovers that a nail went in his nose and pierced his brain. The doctor says that there is a possibility that he could have speech issues because the nail pierced his frontal lobe. Stef is livid.

Jude scores some marijuana from a classmate. Callie notices that he is high and gets upset about it. He confesses that he tried edibles with Noah. Callie confronts Noah and noah's mother at the hospital about the weed. Jude overhears it and gets upset that Callie embarrassed him and ratted him out because he always protects her secrets. He tells her to stay out of his life. 

Mike talks to Courtney after Stef tells him about Brandon loaning her money. Courtney tells Mike that Brandon feels like his moms are blaming him only for the situation with Callie and that's why he doesn't want to go back home. Mike is surprised because he didn't know about Brallie. 

Brandon blows up at Courtney after Mason destroys his music sheets and spills juice on his keyboard. She tells him that he doesn't have a right to discipline her kid and he tells her that somebody has to do it. She feels like he's attacking her parenting skills. 

Stef confronts Gabe about being an unreliable, no show, and being the reason Jesus got injured when he shows up at the house to work in the garage. She suspects that he may be using again but he tells her he isn't. He says he has a hard time getting out of bed and she tells him that it sounds like he's suffering from depression. He reluctantly agrees that he is but doesn't think men should feel this way. She tells him that he needs to get some help, because he's been through a lot and it's normal for it to be catching up to him. He tells her that he needs to work on the garage and that he owes them that.

Callie tells Kyle about the disparity in the dominant hand thing. She tells him that without the witness they won't reopen the case. He thanks her for giving him hope. Callie goes back to confront Kyle's alibi. She blames him for Kyle being in jail because he won't tell the truth. She threatens him with Stef and tells him that she knows that he's a pedophile and that he took a plea deal in exchange for not confessing on Kyle's behalf. 

He calls the lawyer and tells him that Callie showed up and that she knows to much. The lawyer promises to handle it.

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jesus: Can I schedule in some time to sleep?
Mariana: You can sleep when it's over.

AJ:Uh we were just studying for uh...
Callie: Chemistry.
AJ: Calculus.

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