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On this episode of The Following…

Nick Donovan, heading the Joe Carroll case for the FBI, tries to put Ryan back on consulting duty.

David, one of the followers, kills himself.

After hacking into Nate's email to learn more about David, Mike is sent home.

Joe meets up with Roderick to begin their work which starts with finding Claire.

Roderick, Charlie, and a few followers capture Mike to learn any info. He is stabbed, but is saved by Ryan.

Charlie tells Joe to kill him as he disappointed him again. Joe kills him.

Joe sleeps with Emma and Roderick sleeps with Louise.

Ryan accompanies Mike at the hospital.

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So long to you, moron ; )


Why give Ryan a heart condition to chase a killer monster? I had to check out after catch me if you can. I's too creepy to see so much evil and no victories in sight. Kevin Becon is fantastic. So long the following.

The Following Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You're inconsistent and extreme. Nobody knows how to respond to you


I wanted my life to mean something.