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Barry is sitting in his cell trying to not get involved with a big prison fight before using his speed to put an end to it. Elsewhere, Joe is trying to stop a hostage situation at Jitters as Ralph manages to get everyone to safety.

The team realizes that they need to get Ralph a superhero name as well as a better suit. But not only that, they are not thrilled with how reckless Ralph continues to be on the field.

Barry runs into Axel Walker a.k.a. the New Trickster who is amused to see Henry Allen's son in jail. A couple of inmates try to fight Barry until the warden interrupts it and tells Barry that he has a visitor: it's Iris.

Iris tells him that she has been trying to find ways of clearing his name while also informing Barry about Ralph's performance. Later that night, Axel fakes having pain as the prison guard gets taken out by the nurse who is actually Axel's mom.

Joe goes to investigate the next morning while asking the warden to see how Barry is doing. He pulls Barry to the side to see what happened. Joe tells the team later on as Axel's mom was the original Trickster's partner.

Elsewhere, Axel and his mom are dealing with some family issues until Axel sees Ralph on TV and wants to go after Central City's new hero. Back at Iron Heights, Barry continues to try and stay out of trouble.

But a gang of inmates gangs up on him until Big Sir jumps in and defends Barry. Axel, as the Trickster, hijacks the airwaves and sends a message to the new hero. Cisco breach Ralph over to the Trickster as the two of them have a showdown.

But Axel manages to actually hurt Ralph and damage his suit before Cisco vibes in and saves him. Back at Star Labs, they try to figure out how to get Ralph protected against Axel's acid.

At the prison, Barry goes to talk to Big Sir to thank him for the help. The reason he helped Barry was that Henry helped Big Sir when he was in jail. Elsewhere, the Walkers continue to plan their next dangerous trick.

The Trickster and Prank kidnap hostages and broadcast it to the city to let the heroes know what they're up to. Cisco hands Ralph a new suit, but Ralph doesn't know if he can go up against The Trickster.

Ralph decides to try and break Barry out of prison. But Barry explains how he can't just escape as it would make things worse. Ralph admits that he isn't up for the task taking The Trickster down.

With the help of a pep talk from Barry, Ralph decides to go and take on Axel once again. Barry talks with Big Sir who tells him how Henry saved his life. When Big Sir and Barry part ways, Big Sir gets ganged up on.

Vibe and Killer Frost go to stop The Trickster, but Axel is one step ahead of them as he cuffs them with de-power cuffs. Ralph takes his new suit and goes to save them.

Barry sees Big Sir being attacked and tries to stop the fight. They try to punch him, but Barry uses his speed to get them to knock each other out before he goes for the leader.

Harry and Ralph try to sneak into Walker's hideout and save their friends. The media officially names Ralph the Elongated Man, to his annoyance.

Iris goes to see Barry at Iron Heights again. At Jitters, Cisco and Ralph are getting coffee that they can't pay for until the caterer from the wedding swoops in, hinting that something is up with her.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Cisco: Hey, how about you hook me up with some of that gum?
Harry: Why don't you breach yourself?
Cisco: That sounds like an insult.
Harry: Kind of was.

Iris: Cisco, next time you go out with him.
Cisco: Iris, a chicken needs to leave its roost sooner or later. Especially when that chicken insists on doing his own solo missions.
Iris: This is bad.
Ralph: This is *really* bad. Stretchy Man, that's a terrible name. Also, now that I"m gonna be on TV all the time, this grey suit, got to go.
Cisco: Hey, easy, chickadee.