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Barry is crying and terrified as Iris is standing completely still before he unfreezes time and tells her that he can't stop it. The clock then rewinds to eight minutes ago before this all happened.

Cisco and Barry try to open a breach to find the pocket dimension where The Thinker is hiding. But they are not having any luck as Barry grows more angry with himself.

Iris tells them to take a break as she takes Barry to the side to calm him down. She also admits that she misses them having some time for themselves as a married couple.

Harry alerts them that he has been getting closer to cracking the mystery of where they are hiding. Jesse emerges as she got the "apology cube" from her father as she needs to talk with Harry.

They begin to argue as Jesse brings up how she needed to get to talk about her mother's death. But Harry begins to freak out as it is a heavy subject for him.

Joe is stuck in an intense gunfight with a group of criminals as they are trying to steal a container. The team rushes over as one of the guys open the container and activate what appears to be a bomb.

Barry then manages to freeze time as he realizes that the bomb can destroy all of Central City. Jesse is not frozen though as she sees that they are in big trouble.

They decide to recruit Jay Garrick from Earth-3 for assistance. While Jesse runs off to Earth-3, Barry unfreezes Vibe to inform him about the situation.

Cisco proposes they send the bomb over to an Earth that is dead. But his powers are not working for some reason that is connected to Barry's freezing of time.

Vibe begins to feel side effects and Barry is forced to put him back in Flashtime mode. He runs back to Star Labs to tell Harry what is going on.

Jay arrives and is astonished by Barry's new ability. Barry tells them that they need to send the bomb into the Speed Force.

But Jay says that if they do that they may lose their speed. It wouldn't just be the three of them, it would be all speedsters across the whole multiverse.

They come up with an idea that requires the help of Killer Frost as they run to unfreeze her. She tries to cool it down, but her powers don't work on the bomb.

When Barry puts her back in Flashtime, Jesse comes up with an idea. They use their lightning to shut it down, but Jay's old age gets in the way.

Jay is forced to be put into Flashtime as it is up to Jesse and Barry now. They are running out of time as the bomb is slowly getting out of Flashtime.

Barry tells Jesse to go back to Earth-2 so she can be safe. Despite not wanting to, Jesse goes back to Earth-2 while Barry tries to desperately come up with a new plan.

Jesse tries to unfreeze Harry but for some reason, she isn't able to. She then says that she knows how happy her mom made him.

She begins to feel the effect before going into Flashtime. As Barry is trying to come up with an idea, he is starting to feel the effect of the Flashtime too.

He goes to unfreeze Iris as he tells her that he can't save the city. She tries to come up with a way to help, but Barry says that he has tried everything.

As Barry begins to give up, Iris proposes that they use the lightning from the Speed Force. He kisses her and runs back into the Speed Force to try her idea.

Barry manages to steal some energy and stop the bomb as everyone goes out of Flashtime. He wakes up as Joe tells him that he stopped it.

Later on, the criminal is revealed to be Veronica Dale. The team bid farewell to Jay who says that he is going to retire and train up a new Flash on Earth-3.

When Barry and Iris are alone, he tells her that she was right about taking some time to focus on their marriage. Before Jesse go back, she and Harry have a heart-to-heart.

Later on at Jitter, Caitlin and Harry have a conversation about Killer Frost. But their chat is interrupted as the mysterious girl from the wedding returns once again.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

You are my lightning rod, Iris.


Barry: We send the bomb into the Speed Force, we let it detonate in there.
Jay: Like hell, you will!
Barry: What do you mean? Why not?!
Jay: Because Flash, if you do that, we may lose the Speed Force forever!