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As Savitar holds Barry, Joe breaks free from Alchemy's acolytes and tries to shoot Savitar, but he can't see him. During the chaos Alchemy escapes. Savitar drags Barry all over the city as they battle. Cisco opens a breach and he goes through with Cait to where Barry is. Cait uses her Killer Frost powers to freeze Savitar. The ice crystals break, but Savitar disappears.

The gang takes  the cocoon containing Wally back to STAR Labs. Barry blames himself for Wally's predicament. Joe goes to the police station to interrogate an Alchemy acolyte. Cait goes to the station and lies to Joe that Wally is free. Joe leaves the interrogation room, and Cait freezes the camera and demands that the acolyte tell her where Alchemy is. The acolyte says the only one he fears is Savitar, Alchemy's master. Cait escapes the police station, and kidnaps Julian on the way out. Cait demands that Julian use his computer skills to locate Alchemy's followers. Barry finds Cait and Julian, and tries to talk Cait out of becoming evil. Cait tells Barry that Flashpoint ruined everyone's lives, especially Cisco. Cait injured Barry's leg and runs away. 

Joe and HR go on a stakeout to catch one of Alchemy's acolytes. Cait confronts one of the acolytes in his home. The acolyte tells Cait that Savitar has special plans for her. Cisco finds Cait and tries to talk her down. Cait isn't feeling it and attacks Cisco. Cisco becomes Vibe and battles Cait. Barry shows up, bad leg and all. He tries to stop Cait, but she gives Barry a freezing kiss. Before she can kill him, Vibe blasts Cait and saves Barry.

The gang takes Cait back to STAR Labs and imprisons her in a cell. Cait blames Barry for everyone's problems. Iris tells Barry it's not his fault. 

Joe tries to cut Wally out of the cocoon, and Barry desperately tries to stop him. Barry saves Cisco and Joe before the cocoon explodes. Wally emerges, but he is unstable, his body shimmering and pulsating. Wally speeds away in a yellow flash of light.

Barry realizes that he needs Cait to try and help Wally. Barry releases Cait from the cell, but tells her that she has to kill him if she wants to leave. Barry dares her to be Killer Frost in an effort to bring back the real Cait. Cait regains control, and comes up with a plan to help Wally. Joe finds Wally, and Barry injects Wally with Cait's serum to stabilize Wally. 

Back at STAR Labs, Wally gets tested for his speed. Cait apologizes to Cisco. Barry tries to make things right with Cisco, but he isn't ready to forgive Barry.

Barry goes to the hospital and tries to talk Julian into not turning in Cait to the cops. Julian agrees, but in return he demands that Barry quit the force. Barry does as asked and quits. 

Savitar confronts Julian, and we finally confirm that Julian is Alchemy. 


The Flash
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Some things you break can't be put back together.


Where is Alchemy?