The Finder Season 1

"The Boy With the Bucket"

On The Finder, Walter's dying father wants him to find his one true love on the season finale.

"Voodoo Undo"

On The Finder, Walther's skepticism is put to the test when he has to track down a voodoo doll believed to have hexed a mob boss.

"The Inheritance"

When Isabel's friend asks them to look into her father's murder, Walter explores the seedy side of horse racing on The Finder.

"The Conversation"

Walter, Leo, and the FBI are all searching for a man with the only clue being a partial voicemail message he left for his family on The Finder.

"The Last Meal"

This could prove problematic: Walter and company are chased by the mob on this episode of The Finder.

"Life After Death"

50 Cent guest stars on this episode of The Finder. He plays a music mogul who hires Walter.

"Eye of the Storm"

This week's episode of The Finder deals with a missing high school student and a hurricane.

"Little Green Men"

Welcome to The Finder, Dr. Jack Hodgins! TJ Thyne from Bones guest stars on this episode.

"The Great Escape"

The assistant of an aspiring magician goes missing, and it's up to Walter to find out what happened

"Swing and a Miss"

The search is on this week for missing baseball memorabilia at Isbael's request. It takes more than Walter and Leo bargained for.

"A Cinderella Story"

A NASA scientist asks for Walter's help this week. He wants to track down a woman he met at a bar.


Walter is intent on helping a prison warden save the life of a death row inmate this week. Elsewhere, Willa gets in trouble at a beach party.


The Finder makes its debut after being introduced as part of a Season 6 Bones episode. This time, Walter, Leo and Isabel are flying solo!

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