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When Andy goes to get Grace for the day, Verity is waiting for him in her room. Andy sees the room for what it is, but wonders why Verity is in there.

When Verity leaves, someone grabs Andy and an ugly mark appears on his shoulder. Grace reaches for him with a smile, but Andy suddenly backs out of the room. She's not real. But Grace appeals to him. "Where are you going, daddy?"

Andy wants to leave the house suddenly, to take the kids on a trip. Rose thinks it's not a great idea when Harper hasn't even had a chance to settle, but Andy insists, especially as he eyes the little demonic Grace sitting across the room looking at him.

Tomas visits and questions Rose who is not willing to speak.

Marcus asks a local fisherman about events on the island. He mentions a man named Glen Powell who killed everyone at a party but his daughter. When Marcus questions further, the fellow offers to take him across the bay so he can ask her himself.

When Grace gets angry, she makes some horrific AHS-style holes in Andy's chest out of which bees begin to crawl. So does my skin.

The woman Marcus questions is very old by now. She loves talking about her father. He was a good, kind man. She knows it wasn't her daddy that did that. It was something that looked like him.

Marcus and Tomas reconnect by phone. Can a demon have been waiting on the island for all those years to reconnect with someone?

Mouse and Bennett are still with Dolores. She's trying to convince Bennett that Dolores is still in there, but once Bennett realizes she's gone, they burn the demon to a crisp. Whoa.

The two are off to Chicago.

Harper likes it and wants to stay.

Andy breaks down and tells Rose he's not OK and thinks he's losing his mind. She assures him not only is he allowed to grieve, but he can tell her anything.

When he sees Grace leering at him, he balks. Grace ups her game and starts looming behind the camping kiddos.

Tomas knocks on the house and enters when no one answers. He's immediately met with a presence that wants him in the dark. Literally.

When the fisherman stops the boat in the middle of the lake so Marcus can be alone with his thoughts, he probably gets more than he bargains. But Marcus has some dark thoughts in his head, starting with the seven-year-old boy who watched his mum trying to scoop her brains back into her head after her husband gave her a good whack, only to be whacked again.

In the house, Tomas stops one of the worst records ever from playing and Grace looms again, this time behind him.

Shelby asks Verity her opinion on the supernatural events. Verity laughs at him.

Truck goes missing from the campfire, and Verity finds him banging his head in a nearby shed. When he picks her up by her neck, it's mirroring what Grace is doing in the house with a doll. She's not making herself known to Tomas, but he knows something is going on because the house is shaking.

Tomas is exorcising the area, but Grace is exercising her area a bit more to her liking.

Still, she stops maneuvering Truck, and the poor guy is freaked out about what he did to Verity. he's apologizing while Grace and Andy step in.

Grace hugs Truck but tells him there is a procedure they need to follow.

Tomas is looking at the photos back at the house. He looks at one with Andy and his wife, and it's obvious she's going to come into the picture because she's played by Alicia Witt.

When Tomas says to show him to me in the name of Jesus Christ, he is taken back to the awful things that happened on that island, starting with a shooting in which an older man also shot himself, then a mother who shoved her son into the well.

Tomas is then transported to the party when the father killed with the chain and only his daughter survived. Tomas suffers as the victims suffered, poor bastard.

Marcus, meanwhile, is still out on the lake. He has finished praying and has a smile on his face.

He and the man kiss, which is not my thing, but they're both so attractive, it could be!

Oh, this time when Andy goes home and asks for Grace to leave, he pulls the bag off a clearly grown woman's head and it's Nicole. Of course, she's played by Alicia Witt!

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The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm not allowed to grieve for my wife? I can't have one place in this house that belongs to me?


Grace: Come on, Daddy.
Andy: Let me go.