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The episode begins at 5pm when some major event happens. We cut back 23 minutes with a man, Sean Walker boards a plane and is freaking out.

Flashing back, Sean Walker and his girlfriend, Leila, are about to board a cruise. Before they leave, Sean asks her father if he can have his blessing and he happily agrees.

Back to the present, Sean holds up the plane with a gun.  He tries to get the pilot to open up the cockpit, but an Air Marshall is on plane and disarms him.

In another flashback, Sean is just about to propose to Leila when they hear a man scream. The guys girlfriend is in the ocean and Sean jumps in and saves her. After many drinks they head back to their room on the cruise.

Simon Lee is trying to stop flight 514 he gets to the airport a second too late and the plane takes off.

13 months earlier Simon and Sophia Maguire are in discussion about the “event” before she gets hulled back to prison.

President Elias Martinez is having vacation in Coral Gables, FL when the President gets called in to talk to his cabinet.  Blake Sterling begs the President not to let “them out”.

Cut to 13 months earlier, Eli and Blake are having an argument about the Mount Inostranka Detention Facility that holds 97 prisoners. Blake takes the President to the top secret location to see what it’s all about.   When he gets there, he is introduced to Sophia.

Later as they are about to give a press conference, they get word of the plane about to crash into where the President is with his family.  

Michael Buchanan is Leila father. He and his wife are talking about Sean when a group of people come into their house and start shooting at them. The scene cuts to him boarding the same flight that Sean is on as the co-pilot.

The scene cuts back to Sean and the Marshall trying to get into the cockpit. Mike overrides the system so they can’t come in.  They realize that they’re going to shoot them down.

The scene cuts to seven days earlier when Sean went snorkeling with their new friend. Leila missed out because she felt sick. When he gets back to the hotel room, his key won’t open the door.  He goes to the front desk and says that someone else is staying in his room.

When security takes him up, there is another couple staying in his room. He tries to get her to answer her cell, but it is disconnected.  

The scene cuts to Sean in the plane. He tries to tell Mike that he can still change this and he doesn’t need to crash the plane, but Mike ignores Sean.

The plane is just about to crash when a huge bolt of white light makes the plane vanish into thin air.

Sophia tells the President that there’s much more he doesn’t know.

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Expensive Shite


loved it!! will b comin back for more!


For me personaly, I'd really enjoyed having a REAL television show to look at with REAL, LIVE, ACTORS!
ACTORS! You know those people who have studied & trained to act. They act so well, that for almost an hour; I can forget where I am because I'm so absorbed into the show.
That's what SOME people like me call entertainment. It's REFRESHING NOT to have ALL of the answers & the entire plot of a television show layed out and finished in an 1 HOUR!.
That's why it's a series.
I sometims like to "marinate" and "slow-roast" my food too because it always taste better than sticking it in the microwave for a minute.
For those than love those 1 minute 'reality shows' of pitiful, useless talent; there's always 'Big Brother, The Bachelor Pad' & 'Dancing w The Stars' (which reminds me of an
awful junior prom-UGH!)


Well, just when I'd told myself that not having '24' anymore was going to be rougher than I had thought; "The Event" pops up
and "Wow!".
Normally, I don't like flashbacks but somehow, these little episodes are done quickly and they add more speculation & information.
These little episodes, or many episodes are like a time line to a puzzle; just like potatoe chips-You just can't stop at one without wanting "MORE Please!"
What Fun!


Utter garbage. Fodder for the brain dead or the infantile.


I really disliked this show a lot. I taped it, ended up fast forwarding through most of it, and then deleted it from my list of shows to follow. The beginning was choppy, with much too much jumping around, there was too much meaningless action without enough explanation (I know they were trying for mysterious, but it didn't work for me) and I simply didn't buy some of the scenes. Some strange black SUV is able to burst through a gate and suddenly be on a tarmac beside a plane that's about to take off? Really? Is it that easy? Where was airport security? And how did one character somehow end up with a handgun on a plane? Um, any of the writers or directors fly recently? Have they not heard of metal detectors? Not a fan. Not a fan in the slightest.


Anticipated a great show and was disappointed. Way too many flashbacks, didn't know where the plot was going. Stopped watching after 20 minutes.


Congratulations to the producers! It took LOST several seasons to get this screwed up. They accomplished it in the premiere. I am out of here . . .


I loved it. Like you said, it leaves us wanting more. Can't wait until next weeks' episode.


It was kind of boring. I was very annoyed with the back story on the main character, and I felt like nothing happened in the first 45 min I side from the feeling of infinate flashbacks within flashbacks....

The Event Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Sean: Oh my god could they drink!
Leila: Yes.

Secret missions expert: Simon did you intercept it?
Simon Lee: I couldn't stop it - they're airborne.