The Event Season 1


Get excited, Beverly Hills 90210 fans: Gabrielle Carteris guest stars on this episode.


Sean and Leila get a fresh lead on this episode. But their search for Samantha leads them down a dramatic path.

"And Then There Were More"

The Event returns with "And Then There Were More." Virginia Madsen debuts on this episode.

"Everything Will Change"

Martinez tries to root out a traitor on this episode, which concludes with a major mid-season cliffhanger. Elsewhere, Leila and Sean must avoid mercenaries in their search for Samantha.

"Your World to Take"

Look out! Dempsey sends his people after Sean and Leila this week in "Your World to Take." Elsewhere, Sophia attempts to deal with those who are against her agenda.

"For the Good of Our Country"

Martinez interrogates Michael this week, while Vicky's bosses send her on a mission. Read on for a detailed recap of "For the Good of Our Country."

"I Know Who You Are"

Family secrets come out this week. They interfere with the search for the truth, as outlined in this recap of "I Know Who You Are."


Martinez and Sterling think there's a traitor around them when a deal with Thomas get undermined. Meanwhile, Sean meets with a a conspiracy theorist and Simon must decide where his "Loyalty" lies.

"Casualties of War"

The CDC tries to identify the contagion and treat those infected on this installment. The episode is titled "Casualties of War."

"A Matter of Life and Death"

The White House tries to crack Sophia on this episode, "A Matter of Life and Death". Elsewhere, Victor's secret life is exposed, while Vicky and Carter remain hostages.

"Protect Them From the Truth"

President Martinez unleashes a tough new strategy to force Sophia to reveal the detainees' plans on this episode, "Protect Them From the Truth", as we also meet a new detainee, Maya. Elsewhere, Agent Collier's suspicions grow more severe.

"To Keep Us Safe"

The President's staff gets to work on an evaluation of the situation that led in the aftermath of the plane. Elsewhere, Blake Sterling interrogates Sophia... and a mysterious character reveals an awareness of the detainees' plans in "To Keep Us Safe".


Sean Walker's girlfriend goes missing on this series premiere. From there, he stumbles on a major conspiracy, while President Elias Martinez chooses to release a group of detainees.

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