The Defenders Season 1

"Morelli v. Kaczmarek"

Pete and Nick dissolve their partnership this week. Why? Find out in this recap.

"Nevada v. Greene"

A dead body discovered in a hot tub, an unknown killer, and guest star Kathy Griffin are all elements on this week's The Defenders.

"Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals"

"Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals" began as a minor case involving a food allergy that led to death and took the forefront storyline of this episode.

"Nevada v. Hunter"

Nick takes on Judge Hunter's case involving 30 counts of possession of a controlled substance in this week's The Defenders.

"Nevada v. Doug The Mule"

Dan Aykroy guest stars as a judge this week. He presides over a case of a teen facing life in prison.

"Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy"

A man from Nick's past resurfaces on this episode. His mission is to prove his own innocence.

"Nevada v. Wayne"

Pete is stuck on jury duty this week. Elsewhere, Nick defends a man charged with sexual assault.

"Nevada v. Riley"

James Brolin guest stars on this episode of The Defenders. He portrays Teddy Kaczmarek, Pete's father.

"Nevada vs. Dennis"

Nick agrees to an unusual case on this episode. He helps the ADA's sister save a bear from being euthanized.

"Whitten V. Fenlee"

Penn Teller guest stars on this episode of The Defenders. The hour's main case focuses on a blogger that Nick and Pete must stand behind.

"Nevada v. Killa Diz"

Romero Miller guest-stars on this episode. He's the rapping client of Nick, as The Defenders have a tough case in front of them.

"Las Vegas v. Black Betty"

A finicky mistress is at the center of this week's episode. As the title suggests, she is known as Black Betty.

"Nevada v. Rodgers"

A man is murdered and a police officer left wounded in a bar shooting this week, meaning Nick must prove reasonable doubt in his client's charge of attempted murder. Elsewhere, Pete focuses on stolen Elvis memorabilia.

"Nevada v. Senator Harper"

Pete takes on the case a hot cabana girl this week. She's been accused of assault and battery. Nick? His client is a senator charged with kidnapping.

"Nevada v. Cerrato"

A case turns complicated for Nick on this week's installment. Elsewhere, Pete goes up against a casino when a lottery winner loses everything after a night of major gambling.

"Nevada v. Carter"

Nick defends a stripper who is charged with solicitation on this episode, while Pete musttake a case he doesn't want to. The reason? He lost a hand of poker.

"Las Vegas V. Reid"

Nick works the system to free a single mother accused of running down a jogger on this episode. The incident took place while she was chatting on her cell phone.

We meet a pair of colorful attorneys in Las Vegas on this series premiere. Read on for a recap of the pilot episode of The Defenders.

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