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Depressed over losing the magazine and not being able to have a baby, Darlene decides to try for a supervisor’s position at Wellman Plastics. She asks Robin, the manager, to mentor her and invites Robin to dinner.
Becky is angry because Robin has written her up twice for video chatting with Beverly Rose during work hours. Becky asks Darlene for help. But Robin asks Darlene to look at it objectively and decide how she would deal with any other employee.
When Becky gets her third write-up and is docked pay, she is furious. Darlene points out that she spent 45 minutes of her shift not working and on her phone and says that management planned to take away a shift from Becky, but Darlene convinced them to just dock her the 45 minutes pay. 
Becky accuses Darlene of not having her back because she’s jealous that Becky has a baby and Darlene can’t have one. Darlene tells Becky that she’s standing in her way of trying to provide for her family. The two have a screaming match, and each storms out. 
Jackie thinks she’s chased Neville away with stories about how damaged she is, but he comes back. Louise tells Jackie that if she really doesn’t want Neville, she needs to tell him she’s seeing someone else, or she’s a lesbian. 
Eventually, Jackie talks to Neville, who tells her she’s an amazing person who deserves to be loved. Jackie says she doesn’t need a boyfriend, but she could use a friend. He agrees to be friends, although it’s clear he wants more. 
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Darlene: What do you think they pay supervisors?
Becky: They drive cars that are painted all one color, so more than us.

I made it very clear that I’m a damaged, self-loathing mess, and he should run for his life, and suddenly there was a horse with a liver tumor and he ran out.