Coming Together - The Conners
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Becky is late to work twice in one week. Darlene suspects she may be drinking again, but Becky swears it's just that she's working double shifts and Beverly Rose isn't sleeping well.

Darlene decides to go to Hawaii with Molly. Unfortunately, Molly has died. She's been fighting brain cancer for over a year. She had a bad seizure, and she died.

Darlene rents a hot sports car while her car is in the shop. She gets the car impounded as she drag races, doing 132 miles per hour. Dan has to help bail her out and get the car back.

Realizing she may never save enough to go to college, Becky feels hopeless and drinks more. Jackie finds Beverly Rose crying with a fever of 103 degrees, while Becky is passed out drunk.

Becky tries to say she can handle her alcohol, but the family makes her see that she needs to go to rehab. Eventually, Becky agrees.

Molly leaves Darlene two first-class airline tickets to Hawaii for her and Ben. Darlene is thrilled and can't wait to go. She tries to explain to Ben how much she needs this vacation, but Ben insists that they should get a refund on the tickets and pay off bills so that they can move in together sooner. He says they'll take the trip someday. Darlene is horribly disappointed but agrees.

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The Conners Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

[to Becky] You know I felt alone all day, and then I sit here, and I talk to you, and I realize how much better that was.


In this family, you can bat a pretty good average by assuming the worst.