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Word leaks out that Lt. Emma Sloan is about to be the first woman to become captain in a Marine infantry unit. Her car has been spraypainted then she gets attacked by two men. Col. Turnbull's son Adam went missing on patrol a week ago. Jason Hunt's widow Alex comes to see Abe. She's filing a wrongful-death suit against the Marines, and Abe is going to be subpeonaed to testify. Maya is defending Lance Corp. Devore, the main suspect in the attack on Emma. He claims to remember nothing. Sloan said Devore helped to defend her against attackers she didn't recognize. Trey checked wih emergency rooms to find the attackers that Emma wounded and had them arrested. Harper wants to track down and charge whoever leaked the news about the promotion. Alex's lawyer Dennis Swillice is seeking to get the policy overturned that protects the military from being sued. Trey and Harper identify Brig. Gen. Daley as the one who leaked about Emma's protection, inadvertently provoking the attack. Glenn refuses their request to interview her. Harper tells Emma what had happened. Daley leaked because Emma's promotion had been put on hold. Glenn approves Daley's arrest. Maya doesn't want to defend Daley, but Glenn convinces her to team up with Hermes "Princess" Papademotropolis. Glenn cautions Abe about his testimony in Alex's suit, which could damage his Marine career. Princess proved that Emma had lied on her officer training application, which could get her court-martialed. Emma invokes her Fifth Amendment rights. Glenn advocates for Emma with Daley. She convinces Daley to plead guilty and retire so that Emma can continue her career. Abe agrees to testify for Alex regardless of the consequences. Maya takes over as Daley's solo counsel, pushing Princess out.

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

The motive is she's a woman, who is about to become captain of an infantry company.


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