The Closer Season 7

"The Last Word"

On the series finale of The Closer, will Brenda's investigation finally bring down her nemesis Philip Stroh or will it be the end of her career.

"Armed Response"

On The Closer, when a decorated veteran is killed, the team focuses on a young couple who may be involved. Pope and Raydor get close to uncovering the leak within the department.

"Last Rites"

On The Closer, Brenda and Pope clash over the case of a murdered Priest and her handling of the Catholic church.

"Drug Fiend"

On The Closer, when a popular cancer doctor is brutally murdered and his drug supply is stolen, Brenda and the team investigate.

"Fool's Gold"

On The Closer, Provenza stumbles into a robbery as he tries to help his ex-wife find her wedding ring.

"Hostile Witness"

The Closer returns for the final half of season seven and Brenda's shocking twist in the court room puts her on the outs with the new District Attorney.

"Silent Partner"

The lawsuit against Brenda grows more intense this week, as her lawyer goes to court on her behalf. Jason George also guest stars.

"Road Block"

Mark Moses and Elizabeth Perkins both guest star on this episode of The Closer. They play the police commissioner and his wife, respectively.

"Relative Matters"

Brenda's parents don't just arrive for the holidays this week. They do so with news for their daughter.

"You Have the Right to Remain Jolly"

Fred Willard, Christine Woods and Lauren Bowles all guest star on The Closer this week, as Santa's arrival into a Christmas village goes terribly wrong.

"Necessary Evil "

A high school principal turns up dead on The Closer this week. The investigation into it overlaps with a FBI case.

"Fresh Pursuit"

A deputy sheriff is found shot to death this week, while the judge makes a decision in Brenda's case.

"Star Turn"

New developments emerge in Brenda's civil suit this week on The Closer. Elsewhere, a stage father disappears.

"Death Warrant"

Brenda reaches out to Raydor this week. Meanwhile, team members are deposed.

"A Family Affair"

An officer's daughter is found dead this week. Meanwhile, Raydor focuses her audit on Sanchez.

"Home Improvement"

A body turns up at a construction site this week. Elsewhere, Fritz might have to give up some luxuries.

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses"

A minister is killed this week, leading to a complicated investigation by the squad. Elsewhere, a civil-suit subpoena is served.

"Under Control"

The unit continues to be audited this week, while the case hits close to home for one member of the team. Read on for a recap.

"To Serve with Love"

Flynn and Provenza see a lawyer this week on The Closer. But a man dies and changes everything.

"Repeat Offender"

A house sitter is killed on this episode. Meanwhile, Raydor furthers her audit of Brenda's department.

"Unknown Trouble"

Is a record label owner responsible for seven deaths? That's the question posed on the season seven premiere.

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