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The Client List Season 1

"Past Is Prologue"

On the season finale of The Client List, Kyle comes home and Riley covers for Georgia at the spa when the authorities start to close in.

"Acting Up"

On The Client List, Riley decides to go on a date with the doctor but things don't go as planned. Taylor takes over the salon, much to Linette and Lacey's dismay.

"Games People Play"

On The Client List, Riley and Selena's relationship deteriorates when Selena and Evan begin dating. Linette looks for a way to buy the salon.

"Life of Riley"

On The Client List, events have Riley thinking about the flaws in her marriage. Lacy admits she's been keeping a secret and Evan starts seeing someone.

"The Cold Hard Truth"

On The Client List, Georgia suspects the police may be planning a raid and someone close to Riley finds out her secret.

"Try, Try, Again"

On The Client List, Riley considers dating again after an awkward encounter with a client. Garrett's past surfaces.

"Ring True"

Will Riley find the courage to tell the truth about Kyle? When a law student comes in search of extras he may put the spa in jeopardy on The Client List.

"Tough Love"

Riley gets a promotion but struggles Selena's jealousy and dealing with Katie who begins acting out at school on The Client List.

"Turn the Page"

Riley finds a mysterious phone number in the pocket of her husbands clothes and thinks it may be a link to finding him on The Client List.

"The Rub of Sugarland"

With her marriage in shambles and financial troubles looming, Riley Parks, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt takes a job as a massage therapist at a spa. Then she learns that The Rub also doubles as a brothel on The Client List.

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