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Liz has coffee with Dom.

She asks why he never admitted to being his grandaughter. He says it was to keep her safe and that he knows Red's identity.

She wants to know the truth.

Flashback to Katarina arriving on a beach and going ino a church where she passes out.

She's in a shelter and being questioned by social services. Flashbacks to the cuts and bruises on her.

She doesn't talk about anything. Katarina is being hunted.

Dom wants to go for a ride and suggests they take a drive to show her something.

Katarina is at the shelter when a woman comes in screaming like a maniac. She's Russian and Katarina interprets.

The shelter lady shows Katarina a newspaper clipiping about a dead woman.

Dom and Liz are driving while Dom continues his story.

he other Russian woman gets attacked looking for Katarina while she hides in a bathroom and is found. She tries to escape.

Karina beats the hell out of the guy to save the girl.Katarina gets her stuff together to disappear and hacks into the Russian embassy.

She arranges to meet an operative alone. It's Koslov and there's a briefcase waiing for him with a key inside to a motel. He goes there where she's waiting for him.

Liz did kill her real father the night when Katarina gave her up to Mr. Kaplan.

A Russian guy is talking to Irina about Katarina and where she is (flashback) he wants to know where she is.

Kostov and Katarina make plans and passports. Katarina meets with her mother and gives her instructions on how to be safe. Her and her father.

Kostov and Katarina are on their way off when they see Velov. They were planning to go to Russia to see Dom but now their plans are thwarted.

Kostov and Katarina are in Moscow to find her father. She finds her father and he's angry that he betrayed him. She wants him to go away.

Velov's guys are at Dom's house looking for Katarina and find her but she kicks their ass but the take control anyway.

Kostov comes in and saves them.

Dom arranges for Katarina and Rostov to leave the country.

Katarina tries to drown herself but fails.She calls Liz who is living with Sam.

Kostov finds that Katarina is about to jump off the ledge. Kostov has a plan to become Raymond Reddington.

Kostov promises Katarina he will take care of Masha like his own if something happened to her.

Dom and Liz talk about the post office and letter and how he's never heard from Katarina in 28 years.

Dom wants to meet Agnes.

Red is in Hong Kong when Liz shows up. She tells him she knows who he is.

She tells him Dom told her. He still doesn't seem to happy.

She wants to know why he stayed Reddington.

Reddington is at Dom's house. Red is not happy.

Red thinks Dom made things worse and wants to know what Dom told Liz word for word.



The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

All that had to be done was to step into the lie. To become him.


Everyone here has a past. Whatever your story is, it's your story alone.

Shelter Lady