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A guy wakes up to find a bug crawling by his bed and kills it. There's another one by a cake and hen he keeps spitting them out. He's rushed to the ER where they pen his neck and a bunch of the beetles fly out of the guy.

Red has another case for Liz related to weaponized bugs.

Red is at court again going over questions for jury selection.

Ressler and Liz are questioning the medical examiner about the dead guy. He's telling them about the insects and a lead. They tell him to visit Dr. Nikkila.

A man puts something in someone's wine and then leaves. It's bug eggs.

Red is going over jury answers with Dembe. He wants to rig the jury and wants Dembe to get Glen to help.

Dembe visits Glen to see if he can help.

Ressler and Liz visit a doctor Dr. Nikkila to learn about the beetles. 

Samar gives some insight to the case when Ressler tells them about a lead regarding the Clean Air guy.

Glen and Dembe work on finding a juror for Red's case. Then Glen suggests he and Dembe take off with Red's money and let Red rot.

Ressler and Liz visit Kendle's house and break in when they hear odd noises. The house is infested with bugs and the guy is dead.

Jury selection begins. Glen comes in as a juror and Red calls for a recess.

Samar and Aram are investigating the case and get into an apartment where here are larvae are abundant.

Dembe asks Liz to take him to Nikkila's house. Nikkila dies as Samar and Aram watch.

Harold brings Red a cigar and the smoke together as Red tells a story about how he died and then came back because Dembe saved his life.

Dembe investigates Nikkila's apartment and finds the address.

Liz asks Dembe if he knows he truth. Dembe admits to it, but will Dembe tel her?

The jury is sworn in. 

Red is upset about Glen and says it to Dembe. Glen calls Red and promises he can do it. Red not so sure.

Glen is being questioned by Sima and he's got a zillion crazy answers. He wants to dismiss the juror. Red fights for him. Then Glen messes up and is dismissed.

Ressler and Liz are on the way to question Dr. Nikkila who is testifying at a hearing.

At the hearing, one of the guys starts coughing because Nikkila fed him bugs. Ressler and Liz arrive.  The guy is going on and on about the importance of insects. Then he tells the guy he poisoned him and what's going to happen to him. Ressler arrests Nikkila.

Red is yelling at Glen for messing up. Red apologizes but Glen doesn't have a contingency plan. Dembe actually says it sucks. Dembe tells Red they will find a way out of this situation. Red asks Dembe to go to Nikkila's house to find an address that might help him.











The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

In case you haven't read a newspaper lately, Mr. Sima, all of our lives are playing out in the theater of the absurd these days.


Why can't you just be honest with me?