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A guy gets up and gets a red folder out of a post office box after leaving for work. He goes to a farm and kills a guy.

Red is playing miniature golf when Liz shows up. He tells her about an upcoming assassination. He tells her about The Travel Agency a contract hit agency. She reports back to the Task Force.

Harold puts Ressler in charge because he has a personal matter to attend to. He goes to an apartment looking for Isaiah Hill.

Liz and Samar go to Mitchell Dunning's house. He's preparing to go away for the weekend when he gets shot as he's talking.

Red confronts Tom about the skeleton. Tom denies knowing anything. Red keeps going. 

A guy tells the girl from the clinic to stop looking for Pete McGee. He threatens her.

Samar and Liz are at talking to the daughter of the farmer that was killed. Dunning was the owner of a travel agency. Perhaps "the" agency. Samar and Liz look at work records.

Red gives Harold some information about the son of a good friend he's looking for. Isaiah Hill. Harold goes to the address Red gave him. There's a shootout. Red and Dembe help out.

The killer guy gets up and it's like groundhog day.

The Task Force groups together and Aram gives more information.

Red and Harold torture a guy (via overdose) to find out where Isaiah is. Harold is getting down to business. The guy talks. Isaiah bought a gun.

Tom visits the girl from the clinic with information about Pete. She's packing up.he convinces her he has information she'll want to hear.

Samar and Ressler are trying to save the other travel agency guy when a shot rings out. He misses. Ressler takes off but can't catch him.

Harold and Red go to the apartment Isaiah is apparently at. Isaiah is there.

Ressler and Samar question the guy who was saved.

Liz and Samar question the post office guy about Box 342 and he gives information.

Tom follows the clinic girl's tail.

Harold gets the information from Isaiah. He is running from someone who is trying to kill him.

Tom sends the clinic girl to Pete's office to get information.

Liz and Samar get to the guy's house. There's a hidden room in the closet. 

The man's wife was running the whole operation.

Harold tells Red the story about Isaiah's dad. He goes into the club where Zeke Wilson is at. Dembe goes with him. Harold arrests Zeke.

Samar and Liz go after Eleanor and the husband.

Eleanor takes the guy to a cemetery to "see the children." The cops get to the cemetery before Eleanor kills her husband. She kills him anyway and the cop kills Eleanor. It's sad.

The guy chasing after the clinic girl knows the warning didn't take. It's a mystery man on the other end of the phone.

Dembe and Red are having a miniature golf tournament.

After seeing the tragedy, Liz wants Tom to marry at the courthouse and they do. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Keen. Again.








The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Secrets put people in harm's way.


Harold: I told you I didn't need help.
Red: We couldn't resist.