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At a horse stable, a woman gives poison to a handler and starts a fire killing the horses.

Red is at a BRB and is playing scrabble with Dembe and gives Liz a new Blacklister called The Endling, the woman who killed the horse owner.

The Task Force works to save a princess from being attacked by The Endling.

Pete tells Nik and Tom that he wasn't able to find the name of the person who has bones. tom thinks he could use Liz's ID.

There's an intruder at Red's place. Dembe takes them down and questions them. The Mailman is after Red.

The princess tells Harold about Ana and that she has golden blood and that's why she was kidnapped.

The Endling kidnaps a kid who has the rare blood while Red visits the post office to find out about the mailman.

Liz is out to lunch with Tom. Tom gets her ID and takes a picture. They talk about normalcy.

Liz and Red go to a guy to find information about the doctor. They get to the place where the doctor is working on her son with the golden blood people Red convinces her to leave with them. He knows someone who can help her.

Meanwhile, the Task Force and FBI are on their way, but when they arrive everything is gone. Liz is there and updates them. Red grabs Nik to help him with the doctor. Nik doesn't want to help.

She kills herself to save her son. Her heart will be transplanted to the boy. The things you do for your children. Nik doesn't want to be called again.

Harold confronts Liz about knowing the truth. He thinks she's being too influenced by Red.

Nik and Tom are on the phone. Liz gets home. Red wants to take over the mailman's business. He wants to change it around and rent homes to individuals who don't want to be found. Use BRB's as safe houses.

Nik heads to Pete's place and finds his apartment open, but then Nik gets attacked and is choked to death. Someone takes the bones.











The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

A few thieves have been among the most honorable men I know.


Dembe: Someone knows you're here.
Red: Goody. I was just starting to feel at home.