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The feds find a serial killer named The Capricorn killer and call for Liz. Meanwhile, Singleton is buried and Garvey is a pall bearer. Liz is watching him. There's a witness who saw Garvey kill Singleton.

Liz gives the Task Force an overview of the Capricorn killer. Liz thinks the killer might be a copycat. She's back with the psychiatrist she's feels alive.

Harold tells Aram about the witness to Singleton's murder and orders him to take care of the witness and in the process, Aram learns about Garvey.

Aram goes to get the witness and Garvey takes the information. Now he knows who the witness is. Aram is out of his league but ends up standing his ground and standing up to Garvey.

Liz questions the victim's wife. Turns out that the victim was the Capricorn Killer.

There's a guy Gerald who is being mauled by a guy. Ressler goes chasing after the would-be killer but he's gone. Gerald is dead. Samar couldn't save him.

Aram is back at the Post Office questioning the witness. The witness picks out Garvey. Liz is relieved.

Red goes to a motel to talk to someone. It's Garvey who's waiting for Red, but Red shoots the guards and confronts Garvey. He wants the bones.He wants to make a deal with Garvey. Garvey wants the witness for the bones.

Liz thinks the copycat killer is an FBI profiler.

Liz is back with psychiatrist's office. Liz goes to Red for the profiler's records. She tells him about the witness while Red is watching the witness. He's going to get the witness for the bones.

Liz returns to the psychiatrist's office to tells her who she suspects is the killer. She wants the head doctor's opinion.

Liz is watching Hollis and telling the Task Force about him. Liz chases him while Ressler and Samar go on the scene. Meanwhile, Aram is riding with the witness when the engine goes out and they are attacked by a bunch of people in black vans. one of the guys look at him. He's got a brown eye and a blue eye.

Liz is captured by Hollis, and they go for a walk. She fights him, but he gets the gun, and she's a prisoner once again. When they get to the cabin it turns out that the psychiatrist is there. Shocker.

Ressler and the team start a search for Liz.

Psychiatrist is the new Capricorn killer. She's been watching Liz. She wants to recruit her into her murder business like she did with Hollis. They have one of Liz's first cases there - the Sandman. They want her to kill him. Samar and Ressler arrive at the cabin.

Liz thinks about suffocating the guy, but the team comes in. Hollis shoots the agent and then the Sandman. The psychiatrist gets away. Liz goes after her but then lets her go.

Liz didn't even tell the coops that it was the psychiatrist. Wow.

Back at the Post Office, Liz learned that the witness was kidnaped. 

The psychiatrist shows up at the Post Office to tell her she's reinstated.

Red is with Garvey when Liz calls to tell him about Garvey.


The Blacklist
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