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Liz tells Harold that Tom is missing.

Wow. The bald headed guy puts the clinic girl in a wood chipper. He uses as incentive for Tom to talk. Tom calls Red with a meet place, but Red already knows what's going on.

Liz and Ressler investigate the motel where Tom was last seen. It's intense. Liz is freaked out. She calls him again. His phone is in the room.

Tom gets out of his restraints and takes off into the woods. He has the suitcase too. The bald guy is not happy.

Red pulls up just in time for Tom to get in the car. Tom is shot in the shoulder. Red has the suitcase now. The car was shot up and now the three of them have to walk. They come across a house and Dembe goes to investigate. Tom and Red stay behind. 

Tom and Red talk about Liz. They head towards the house. The bald headed guy and his crew are on the hunt.

Red works on Tom and they talk about Liz some more while Dembe tries to get the car in the garage working.

They've stayed in the house too long. The bald headed guy and crew made it to the house.

Meanwhile, at the Post Office Aram and the gang work the missing Tom case.

Tom and Red are hiding in the attic while the bald guy's crew looks around the house the garage. Then a drop of blood falls on one of the guys and a shootout ensues. Dembe drives the car over a guy as Tom and Red come out of the house. Dembe and crew take off. They get away. Tom is smiling. At the gas station, Tom wants to know who is in the suitcase.

Red tells him a story about watching Tom's first marriage to Liz and how Red knows how much Tom cares about Liz and loves her and makes her happy.

Tom leaves the car to change, but he took the bones instead. He's gone.

Liz and Ressler get to the farmhouse where Tom was originally held. She shouldn't be working this case. She can't handle it and falls into Ressler's arms.

Tom is at a train station with the bones in a bag. He opens up the envelope the bald-headed guy had with the DNA results of the bones. He looks shocked.

He calls Liz and tells her to go home so he can explain everything. Red calls Aram asking about Liz. He knows Tom was last at Union Station so he calls Union Station and tells Tom that he's making a mistake, but Tom says he knows everything and is going to tell Liz everything too.

Liz gets home but Tom is tied up again by bald-headed guy and his crew. They get the bones and he pulls a knife on Tom and stabs him in the stomach as Liz watches. Then he knocks her out. Red and Dembe head to the apartment. Dembe wants to know why Red can't be honest with Liz and Red can't answer it.

Bald guy wants Tom to call Red. Tom refuses and bald guy stabs him again. He tells his crew to finish Tom and Liz off. The crew plays music and starts playing with them to kill them.They're going to suffocate Liz with saran wrap, but Tom gets the knife and goes after the guys to save Liz. He's bleeding heavily in the back of her head. She can't do anything to help Tom.

Red and Dembe come into the apartment just in time. Tom isn't going to make it. Liz is seriously injured. Red wants Dembe to call Harold and tell him they're going to the hospital.

Sounds of Silence doesn't help the situation. Red and Dembe put Tom and Liz in the back of the car and take them to the hospital. Tom and Liz both think they're going to die as Red witnesses it all.

They get to the hospital, both in dire shape. Samar and Ressler arte at the hospital too.

Harold and Aram get there too as they try to work on Tom. Red is in the car, devastated.

Red is reading too Liz who is in a hospital room still with tubes in her. She wakes up.She touches him and the look on his face. He's so relieved. She wants a pen to write.

Red tells her she's been in a come for almost a year. Red tells her Tom is dead.




The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I warned you about this damn suitcase. Now, look at you.

Red [To Tom]

Red: Put it back.
Tom: You can trust me.
Red: No, I can't.