The Big C Season 2

"Crossing The Line"

Lee may be dead, but Cathy is inspired as a result. She celebrates the New Year on the season finale of The Big C.

"The Darkest Day"

Cathy readies for the trip to Italy this week, while Paul discovers a secret about Myk. Adam does the same for Poppy.

"Fight or Flight"

Alan Alda returns to The Big C this week, Cathy and Paul are invited to a dinner party at Dr. Sherman's home.

"How Do You Feel?"

Cathy offers to help Lee with his bucket list this week, while Adam goes with Poppy to her high school reunion.

"A Little Death"

Parker Posey appears on this episode of The Big C. It centers around a funeral.

"The Last Thanksgiving"

It's Thanksgiving on The Big C! But the big meal doesn't go as planned for Cathy.

"Goldilocks and the Bear"

Paul comes to an important realization this week: he's very popular in the gay community.

"The Little c"

Paul plays matchmaker this week. He tries to set Andrea up with a Ukrainian man, while Adam gives everyone crabs.

"Cats and Dogs"

Financial troubles plague Paul and Cathy this week. Meanwhile, Adam gets caught... in the act!


Hugh Dancy makes his first appearance on The Big C this week. He bonds with Cathy, a fellow cancer patient.

"Sexual Healing"

Cathy and Paul have problems in bed this week. But Rebecca helps them out.

"Musical Chairs"

Cathy doesn't secure a spot in a new clinical trial. As a result, it's time to dabble in the supernatural.

"Losing Patients"

Sean and Cathy have a major falling out on the season two premiere, while Cathy deals with disturbing visions of Marlene.

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