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Sheldon is exploring the wilderness through virtual reality, and Penny suggests that he explore it for real. She suggests that Sheldon and Amy go with her and Leonard to a cabin in the woods.

Raj comes back with Bernadette after taking her to a doctor's appointment and insists on carrying all of the bags. Howard starts to think Raj is a little bit too involved.

At the cabin, everyone starts to settle in, but it looks like it's going to rain the entire time. So, Penny suggests that they play a drinking game since they're stuck inside.

She explains how to play "Never Have I Ever," and we learn some fun tidbits about each character.

Unfortunately, things take an ugly turn when Sheldon causes Leonard to reveal that he has a secret bank account he's been keeping because he doesn't trust Penny with money.

Penny is angry, then reveals how much she hates her job.

Howard tells Raj he's too involved, but when Raj leaves, Bernadette just wishes he was back. She also wants him to bring back the giant teddy bear he bought her.

Sheldon and Amy struggle with playing "Never Have I Ever" between the two of them, because neither of them have done very much.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

I was enjoying some virtual reality. You ruined it with your actual face.


Penny: That's not what the forest smells like.
Sheldon: Well how would I know?